b'LEGENDPAGE NO. LEGENDPAGE NO. LEGENDPAGE NO.Parking By Disabled Permit Only571 Slow Blind Corner Proceed With Caution560 Truck Crossing560Parking With D.M.V. Disabled Permit OnlySlow Children Playing561 Truck Entrance569Violators Subject To Towing Under ORS571 Slow Down Speed Limit ___ MPH558 Truck Route559811620 And Fine Up To $450 Under ORS 811615 Slow Pedestrian Crossing 562 Trucks (w/Arrow)569, 570Ped Xing562 Slow Speed Bump560 Trucks Entering And Leaving Roadway582Pedestrian Crossing561 Speed Bump Ahead560 Trucks Entering Highway582Pedestrian Crossing (Symbol)560, 561,Speed Limit ___558, 563 Trucks Use Lower Gear560562, 563 Speed Limit ___ MPH Drive With Caution558 Turning Vehicles Yield To Pedestrians559Penalty $100-$500 Fine Tow Away Zone571 State Law Stop For Pedestrians WithinTwo Way Traffic559, 581Photo Enforced559 Crosswalk 561Two Way Traffic Ahead569Pick-up And Drop-off Only No Parking566 State Law Yield To Pedestrians Within561 Unauthorized Motor Vehicles Prohibited Plant Entrance569 Crosswalk On This Property 569Plant Speed Limit ___ MPH558 Stop557, 563,Use Low Gear560570Playground (Symbol)562 Stop Ahead (Symbol) 557, 563 Utility Work Ahead580, 582Private Property No Trespassing 567 Stop All Visitors Must Report To Main 569 Van Accessible571R X R (Railroad Crossing)565 Stop Car Connected564 Veteran Parking Only 567Railroad Crossing 565 Stop Check With Guard Before Entering 569 Visitor Parking567Reserved For Customers 567 Stop Check With Guard BeforeVisitors Entrance569Reserved For Employee Of The Month567 Proceeding569 Visitors Parking569Reserved For Guests567 Stop Do Not Enter564 Visitors Please Use Main Entrance And569, 570Reserved Parking567 Stop Fasten Your Seat Belts568 Register At Office Reserved Parking $250 Fine571 Stop Men At Work564 Warning Close Clearance Do Not Ride 565Reserved Parking (w/HandicappedStop Men Working 564 Watch For Trucks569Graphic) 571 Weight Limit __ Tons 559Stop Pedestrian Crossing561Reserved Parking Handicap Plate Or571 Stop Sound Horn Proceed With Caution 569, 570 Winding Road560Permit Only Work Area Ahead582Reserved Parking Only571 Stop Tank Car Connected564Stop Vendors & Visitors Must Sign In AtWorkers (Symbol)580, 582Reserved Parking Permit Required Towing571 Guardhouse569 558, 569, EnforcedWrong Way570Reserved Parking State Disabled ParkingStreet Closed Ahead 580, 582Permit Required571 Superhero Parking Only Reserved ForYield557, 570Reserved Parking State Disabled ParkingVeterans, Active Duty, Police, And Fire567 Yield Ahead (Symbol)557Permit Required Van Accessible 571 Fighters Thank You For Your Service Yield Pedestrian Crosswalk561Reverse Turn560 Superhero Parking Only Reserved For Active Veterans, Active Duty, Police,567Right Curve Arrow560 Fire Fighters, And Teachers Thank YouNUMERICRight Lane Closed Ahead580, 582 For Your Service $250 Fine571Right Shoulder Closed582 Survey Crew580 ___ MPH558Right Turn Only Arrow558 Thru Truck Route569 1000 Feet583Right Turn (Symbol)560 To Oncoming Traffic 557 1500 Feet583Road Closed 559, 569 Traffic Emergency Ahead572 500 Feet583Road Closed Ahead580 Traffic From Left Does Not Stop559Road Closed To Thru Traffic559Road Machinery Ahead582Road Narrows558Road Work Ahead 580, 582Roundabout559Safety Drive It Home!568 Additional School Bus Stop Ahead (Symbol)562 Traffic Signs School Crossing 562School (Symbol)562 are available Seat Belt Required (Symbol)568 on our websiteShipping & Receiving569Shoulder Work580, 582Sidewalk Closed 569Sidewalk Closed Ahead Cross Here 561Sidewalk Closed Use Other Side561Slippery When Wet (Symbol) 560Slow 559, 560555 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'