b'MUTCD LEGENDPAGE NO. MUTCDLEGENDPAGE NO. MUTCDLEGENDPAGE NO. MUTCDLEGENDPAGE NO.D9-2 Hospital 572 R7-2,a No Parking __ AM Toweb R12-4 Weight Limit __Tons/ web W8-10,a Slippery When WetwebD9-6 Handicapped 572 __ PM Axle:__ Tons Gross (Bicycle)D9-6p Van Accessible web R7-3 No Parking Exceptweb R12-5 Weight Limit (Variableweb W8-11 Uneven Lanes webD9-13 Emergency Medicalweb Sundays And Holidays Tons) W8-12 No Center Stripe webServices R7-4 No Standing Any Time web R14-1 Truck Route 559 W8-13 Bridge Ices Before Road webD9-13a Hospital web R7-5 One Hour Parking __ AMweb R14-2 HM web W9-1 Right/Left Lane Ends webD9-13b Ambulance Station web To __ PM R14-3 HM Prohibited web W9-2 Lane Ends Merge Right/ webD9-13c Emergency Medical Care 572 R7-6 No Parking Loading Zone 566 R14-4 National Network web LeftE5-2,a Exit Open/Closed 581 R7-7 No Parking Bus Stop 566 R14-5 National Networkweb W9-3 __ Lane Closed Ahead 580E5-3 Exit Only 581 Reserved Parking (VanProhibited W10-1 R X R 565G20-1 Road Work Next __ Miles web R7-8,a,b Accessible) 571 R15-1 Railroad Crossing 565 Highway-Rail Grade G20-2 End Road Work 581 R7-9,a No Parking Bike Lane web R15-2 __Tracks web W10-2 Crossing AdvancewebG20-4 Pilot Car Follow Me web R7-107,a No Parking Bus Stop web R15-3 Exempt web WarningM4-8,a,b Detour (End) 581 __ Hr/Min Parking __ AMR15-4 Lane Only web Highway-Rail Grade R7-108 web W10-3 Crossing AdvancewebDetour (Arrow, Bicycle,To __ PM R15-5,a Do Not Pass (Stoppedweb WarningM4-9,a,b,c Pedestrian) 581 No Parking/RestrictedTrain)R15-6,a Do Not Drive On Tracks web Parallel RR Xing M4-10 Detour 581 R7-200 Parking (Combinedweb W10-4 T-Intersection (Left/ 565M5-1 Advance Turn Arrow web Sign) R15-7,a Divided Highway 565 Right)M5-2 Advance Turn Arrow 572 R7-201,a Tow-Away Zone web R15-8 Look web Low Ground Clearance M6-1 Directional Arrow 572 R7-202 This Side of Sign web R16-1 Seatbelt 568 W10-5 Highway-Rail Grade565M6-2 Directional Arrow 572 R7-203 Emergency Snow Route web S1-1 School Crossing 562 CrossingM6-3 Directional Arrow web R8-1 No Parking On Pavement web S3-1 School Bus Stop Ahead 562 W10-8 Trains May Exceed__MPH webOM1-1,2,3 Type 1 Object Markers 565 No Parking Except OnS3-2 School Bus Turn Ahead web W10-9 No Train Horn webOM2-1 (V, H) Type 2 Object Markers 565 R8-2 Shoulder web S4-1 Time Of Day web W10-11,a,b Storage Space webOM3 Type 3 Object Markers 565 R8-3 No Parking 566, 570 S4-2 When Children Areweb W10-12 Skewed Crossing webOM4-1,2,3 Type 4 Object Markers 565 R8- 3a,b,c,Present W10-13 No Gates Or Lights webR1-1 Stop 557, 570d,e,f,g,h No Parking web S4-3 School web W10-14,a Next Crossing webYield (To OncomingR8-4 Emergency Parking Only web S4-4 When Flashing web W10-15 Rough Crossing webR1-2,a Traffic) 557, 571 R8-5 No Stopping On Pavement web S4-5,a School Speed Limit/Zoneweb W11-1 Bicycle Crossing 561, 562R1-3 All Way 557 No Stopping Except OnAhead W11-2 Pedestrian Crossing 560, 562, R1-5,a Yield Here To Pedestrians web R8-6 Shoulder web S4-6 Mon-Fri web 563School Speed Limit __ Yield/Stop To/For PedR8-7 Emergency Stopping Only web S5-1 When Flashing web W11-3 Deer Crossing 560R1-6,a Within Crosswalk web R8-8 Do Not Stop On Tracks 565 End School Zone 561 W11-4 Cattle Traffic 560S5-2R2-1 Speed Limit __ 553, 558 R8-9 Tracks Out Of Service web S5-3 End School Speed Limit web W11-5,a Farm Machinery Traffic webR2-2 Trucks __ (Speed Limit) web R8-10,a Stop Here When Flashing web W1-1,a Right/Left Turn 560 W11-6 Snowmobile Traffic webR2-3 Night __ (Speed Limit) web R9-1 Walk On Left Facing Traffic web W1-2,a Right/Left Curve 560 W11-7 Equestrian Traffic 560R2-4 Minimum Speed __ web R9-2 Cross Only At Cross Walks 561 W1-3 Reverse Turn 560 W11-8 Emergency Vehicle webR2-5 Unless Otherwise Posted web R9-3,a,b,c No Pedestrian Crossing web W1-4,b,c Reverse Curve 582 W11-9 Handicapped Crossing 560, 562R2-6,a Fines Higher (Double) web R9-4,a No Hitch Hiking web W1-5 Winding Road 560 W11-10 Truck Crossing webR2-10 Begin Higher Fines Zone web R9-5 Bicycles Use Ped Signal web W1-6 Arrow 560 W11-11 Golf Cart Traffic 560R2-11 End Higher Fines Zone web R9-6 Bicycles Yield To Peds web W1-7 Double Arrow web W11-12 Emergency Signal Ahead 560R3-1 No Right Turn (Symbol) 558 R9-7 Keep Left Right web W1-8 Chevron 560 W11-14 Horse And Buggy Traffic 560R3-2 No Left Turn (Symbol) 558 R9-8 Pedestrian Crosswalk web W1-10 Intersection In Curve web W11-15 Combination Bike AndwebR3-3 No Turns 558 R9-9 Sidewalk Closed web W1-11 Hairpin Curve web Ped CrossingR3-4 No U Turn (Symbol) 558 Sidewalk Closed UseW1-13 Truck Rollover web W12-1 Double Arrow webR3-5,a (Arrow) Only 558 R9-10 Other Side 561 W1-15 270 Degree Loop web W12-2,a __Ft__In webR3- Lane (Left, HOV 2+, Taxi,Sidewalk Closed (Ahead)W2-1 Cross Road web W13-1 __MPH 5585b,c,d,e,f,g Center, Right, Bus) web R9-11,a Cross Here 561 W13-2 Exit __ MPH web(Optional Movement LaneCross On Green LightW2-2 Side Road web W13-3 Ramp __ MPH webR3-6 web R10-1 Only web W2-3 Side Road web W13-4 On Ramp 581Control) R10-2 Cross Only On Signal web W2-4 T Intersection web W14-1,a Dead End webR3-7 Left/Right Lane Must Turnweb R10- To Cross Push ButtonW2-5 Y Intersection web W14-2,a No Outlet 559Left/Right web W2-6 Roundabout 559 W14-3 No Passing Zone web(Advance Intersection3,a,b,c,d,e Ped SignsR3-8,a,b Lane Control) web Push Button For WalkW3-1 Stop Ahead 563 W15-1 Playground 562R3-9a,b,f Only (Turns) web R10-4,a Signal web W3-2 Yield Ahead 557 W16-1 Share The Road webPreferential Lane VehicleR10-5 Left On Green Arrow Only web W3-3 Signal Ahead web W16-2,a __ Feet webR3-10,a Occupancy Signs web R10-6,a Stop Here On Red web W3-4 Be Prepared To Stop 559 W16-3,a __ Miles webR3-11,a,b,c HOV 2+ Only web R10-7 Do Not Block Intersection web W3-5 Ahead Speed Limit __ web W16-4 Next __ Ft web__ MPH Speed Zone HOV (2+) Lane (Ahead,Use Lane With GreenW3-5a Ahead web W16-5 Turn Arrow 560R3-12,a,b Ends) web R10-8 Arrow web W3-6 Draw Bridge Ahead web W16-6 Advance Turn Arrow webR3-12f Bus Lane Ahead web R10-10 Left/Right Turn Signal web W4-1 Merge (Left, Right) web W16-7 Diagonal Arrow 561HOV 2+ Only 2 Or MoreR10- W4-2 Lane Ends (Left, Right) web W16-9 Ahead webR3-13,a Persons Per Vehicle web 11,a,b,c,d No Turn On Red 559 W16-10a Photo Enforced webR10-12 Left Turn Yield On Green web W4-3 Added Lane (Left, Right) web W16-11 HOV webR3-15,a HOV Lane Ahead/Ends web W4-4,a,b Traffic Does Not Stop 559R3-17,a,b Bike Lane (Ahead, Ends) 561 R10-13 Emergency Signal 559 W4-5 Entering Roadway Merge web W16-12 Traffic Circle webU-Turn & Left TurnTurning Vehicles Yield ToW16-13 When Flashing webR3-18 558 R10-15 Pedestrians 559 W4-6 Entering Roadway Addedweb W16-15 New webProhibited LaneR4-1 Do Not Pass 558 R10-16 U-Turn Yield To Right Turn web W5-1 Road Narrows 558 W16-17 Roundabout webR4-2 Pass With Care web R10-17a Right On Red Arrow Afterweb W5-2 Narrow Bridge 558 W18-1 No Traffic Signs webR4-3 Slower Traffic Keep Right web Stop W5-3 One Lane Bridge 559 W20-1 Road/Street Work __ 580, 582Begin Right Turn Lane,Traffic Laws PhotoW5-4,a Ramp/Bikeway Narrows web W20-2 Detour Ahead 580, 582R4-4 Yield To Bikes web R10-18 Enforced web W6-1 Divided Highway web W20-3 Road/Street Closed __ 580, 582R4-5 Trucks Use Right Lane web R10-19,a Photo Enforced 559 W6-2 Divided Highway Ends web W20-4 One Lane Road __ 580, 582R4-7,a,b Keep (Right) 558 R10-20a Day Of The Week Times web W6-3 Two Way Traffic 559 W20-5,a __ Lane Closed __ 580, 582R4-8,a,b Keep (Left) web R10-21 Left Turn Signal Yield Onweb W6-4 Two Way Traffic 581 W20-7,a Flagger Ahead 580, 582R4-9 Stay In Lane web Green W7-1,a Hill 553 W21-1,a Workers 580, 582R4-10 Runaway Vehicles Only web R10-22 To Request Green Wait On web W7-2,b (Trucks) Use Low Gear 560 W21-2,t Fresh Oil/Tar 582R5-1 Do Not Enter 558 R10-27 Left Turn Yield On Flashingweb W7-3,a,b __% Grade (Next __ Miles) web W21-3 Road Machinery __582R5-1a,b Wrong Way (Bicycle) 558 Red Arrow After Stop W7-4,d,e,f Runaway Truck Ramp web W21-5,b Shoulder Work 580, 582R5-2,a No Trucks 559 R11-1 Keep Off Median web W7-5,a Hill (Bicycle) web W21-6 Survey Crew 580R5-3 No Motor Vehicles web R11-2 Road Closed 559 W7-6 Hill Blocks View 559 W21-7 Utility Work Ahead 580, 582R5-6 No Bicycle (Symbol) web Road Closed/BridgeW8-1 Bump 560 W22-1 Workers webPedestrians (And Bicycles)R11-3a,b out Miles Ahead Localweb W8-2 Dip web W22-2 Turn Off 2-Way Radio AndwebR5-10b,c Prohibited web Traffic Only W8-3 Pavement Ends web Cell PhoneR6-1 One Way (Right, Left) 558 R11-4 Road Closed To Thru559 W8-4 Soft Shoulder web W22-3 End Blasting Zone webR6-2 One Way (Right, Left) 558 Traffic W8-5 Slippery When Wet 560 W23-1 Slow Traffic Ahead webDivided HighwayR12-1 Weight Limit __ Tons 559 W8-6 Truck Crossing 560 W24-1,a,b Lane Shift webR6-3,a (Crossing) web R12-2 Axle Weight Limit __ Tons web W8-7 Loose Gravel 580, 582 W25-1 Oncoming Traffic HaswebNo Parking Any TimeNo Trucks Over __ LbsW8-8 Rough Road web Extended GreenR7-1 web R12-3 559 Oncoming Traffic May (Arrow) Empty Wt W8-9 Low Shoulder web W25-2 Have Extended Green web556 signkore.com | 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