b'Bicycle & Pedestrian SignsR9-2 R9-10 R9-11 W16-712" x 24"FRR713 12" x 24" Down LeftFRW71518" x 24" Down RightFRW71618" x 12"FRR458 LeftFRR714RightFRR750R3-17 24" x 30"FRR6792A-08 Regulatory, warning, and guidesigns shall be retroreflective or W11-1 12" x 18"FRW522 illuminated to show the same shape and 18" x 24"FRW523 similar color by both day and night24" x 18"FRW48324" x 24"FRW314 24" x 24"FRW44930" x 30"FRW315 30" x 30"FRW450When ordering, add material code after part number.S5-2 Price per EachSize Engineer-GradeHigh-IntensityDG High- PrismaticRA PrismaticHP PrismDP12" x 18" $52.21 63.55 84.4612" x 24" 87.08 105.89 140.8724" x 18" 104.39 126.95 168.8318" x 36" 156.43 190.25 253.0418" x 12"FRW508 18" x 12"FRW506 24" x 24" 102.97 125.24 166.5518" x 12"FRW516 24" x 18"FRW509 24" x 18"FRW507 24" x 30" 139.00 169.0724" x 18"FRW517 30" x 30" 192.32 233.8730" x 24"FRW221In-Street Pedestrian Crossing SignPromote pedestrian awareness and safety by placing the Pedestrian Crossing Sign in non-signalized crosswalks. Durable polyethylene panel Features wording on two sides and diamond-grade reflective sheetingfor maximum visibility Recessed panel face helps prevent scratches to the sheeting Designed with a vulcanized rubber center to minimize wear Foot pads on the bottom help reduce slippage Both base and panel have carrying handles for easy transport Panel is 50 1/2"H x 14"W Base is offered in 28- and 43-lb. versions Overall height is 53 1/2"Assembly Insert the vertical panel into the base and lock into placeComponents easily disconnect for portability and storagePanel will separate from base if impacted by a vehicleMeets MUTCD Standard. NCHRP 350 Tested Crashworthy.Base No. Price / EachYield To Pedestrian Legend28 lb. FRT401 $505.06 43 lb. FRT403 533.07Stop For Pedestrian Legend28 lb. FRT405 505.0643 lb. FRT407 533.07561 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'