b'Fluorescent Yellow-Green Signs S1-1 30" x 30"FRW202 Fluorescent Yellow-Green (FYG) signs provide superior visibility 36" x 36"FRW203 Combination of fluorescent colors and micro-prismatic, retroreflectivity in the sheeting Provides superior luminance and visibility Catches the eye even at wide angles and in broad daylightThe 2009 MUTCD update requires all school and bus stop signs be Fluorescent Yellow-Green,and FYG color is optional for pedestrian, bike, and playground signs.Section 7B.07 Sign Color for School Warning Signs. School warning signsshall have a fluorescent yellow-green background with a black legend and border.Section 2C.03 Design of Warning Signs. Warning signs regarding conditions associated with pedestrians, bicyclists,and playgrounds may have a black legend and border on a yellow or fluorescent yellow-green background.12" x 18"FRW208 These style signs comply with Federal Highway W11-2 S1-1 18" x 12"FRW524 18" x 24" FRW210 Administration (FHWA), DOT 23 CFR Part 655 National 24" x 18"FRW525 Standards for Traffic Control Devices; Revision of the30" x 30"FRW204 24" x 24" FRW212 MUTCD Pedestrian, Bicycle, and School Warning Signs.When ordering, add material code after part number.Price per EachSize DG High-PrismDP12" x 18" $84.46W11-1 18" x 24" 168.83W11-9 S3-1 W15-1 24" x 24" 224.8430" x 30" 311.0624" x 24"FRW729 30" x 30"FRW216 30" x 30"FRW206 30" x 30"FRW74530" x 30"FRW730 36" x 36" 391.97Radar ViolatorAlert Speed Display Violator Alert ModesDisplay the speed of oncoming traffic. Bright 12" high, full-matrix LED characters protected by non-glare polycarbonate face. Can be easily seen and is legible up to 750 feet away The 12" character is appropriate for slower speeds (35 mph posted and lower) Optional kph operation availableViolator Alert options, including SLOW message and flashing bars, can be activated when speeds exceed operator established set-point. When the speed drops below the established set-point, the speed will display again. Portable Dolly unit Permanently mounted to a heavy-duty dolly making it extremely mobile and easy to use Powered by a 12 VDC battery (not included) inside a built-in case at the bottom of the unit Designed for indoor or limited outdoor use in fair weather conditions Ideal for factory floors, freight terminals, and distribution centers The portable unit displays speeds from 1 mph upwardStyle No. Price / EachPortable Dolly FLD125 $5991.17562 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'