b'Clamps and HoldersRail Car ChocksPrevent movement during for RR Clamp Signs loading and unloading. Heavy-duty, steel chocks are supplied withChoose from several materials and styles of RR clamps and sign holders. an attached flag for visual warningShown with RR Clamp Signs, available separately.Attached handles make placement safe and easy Heat-treated steel spurs securely hold car in place and can be rotated to three new sharp edges, extending product life Single-Chocks hold car in one directionDouble-Chocks prevent movement in either direction Choose from exposed rail models with two flanges or flush mount chocks with a single flangeFoot-Operated Hinged RR Sign HolderSigns sold separatelySimply step down on the pedal to make the spring-action holder fall below rails All chocks meet Galvanized Steel ClampTo raise the sign holder, step down on the OSHA regulations roll pin, causing the holder to rise up vertically, 1910.111(b)(15)(iii),Sturdy 6-lb. galvanized steel clamp so you can lock it in place 1910.111(b)(13)(v), Place the hinged hook over the rail andPowder-coated yellow finish and 1910.30(a)(5)allow its weight to hold the clamp in placeWeight: 12-lbs.Yellow powder coated version weighs 7-lbs.Lag screws includedItem No. Price / EachClamp/Holder Style No. Price / Each Single-Chock, Exposed Rail FWC201 $290.18Galvanized Steel Clamp FRR350 $90.05 Single-Chock, Flush Mount FWC202 293.36Yellow Powder-Coated Steel Clamp FRR390 166.10 Double-Chock, Exposed Rail FWC301 410.98Yellow Foot-Operated Hinged Sign Holder FRR980 494.46 Double-Chock, Flush Mount FWC302 417.29RR Clamp Signs Clamp Sign Color GuideWarn others working on the tracks. 12"H x 15"W .080 aluminum signs conformto OSHA specifications BlueRedOrange Refl.FRR360 Refl.FRR394 Choose from non-reflective signs for use inNon-Refl.FRR361 Non-Refl.FRR398 BU RD ORwell-lit areas or reflective signs for better visibility in low-light conditions Attach signs to RR Clamps and Holders Blue: Required onRed: MayOrange: May (sold separately) any track wherebe called forbe called for 1910.261(c)(9)(ii) After cars are spottedlocomotivesin specialin special for loading or unloading, warning flagsof the railroadsituations. situations.Refl.FRR352 Refl.FRR362 serving your or signs shall be placed in the center Non-Refl.FRR356 Non-Refl.FRR363 facility operate.of the track at least 50 feet awayfrom the cars and a derail set toprotect workmen in the car. 1910.261(m)(5). Unloading Cars. Flag 1910.111(b)(13)(iii) Caution signs shall be so placedsignals, derails, or other protective on the track or car as to give necessary warning todevices shall be used to protect men persons approaching the car from open end or endsRefl.FRR351 Refl.FRR364 during switching operations. The blue of siding and shall be left up until after the car is un- Non-Refl.FRR354 Non-Refl.FRR365 flag policy shall be invoked according to loaded and disconnected from discharge connections.When ordering, add color code after part number:paragraph (c)(9)(i) of this section.Signs shall be of metal or other suitable material, atBlueBU, RedRD, OrangeOR 1910.261(c)(9)(i)The blue flag policy shall be used least 12 by 15 inches in size and bear the words STOPto mark stationary cars day and night. This policy shall - Tank Car Connected or STOP - Men at Work theSign Price / Each include marking the track in advance of the spotted cars word, STOP, being in letters at least 4 inches highEngineer-Grade Prismatic $49.70 (flag for daytime, light for darkness).and the other words in letters at least 2 inches high. Non-Reflective 41.60564 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'