b'Recycle-GradeFacility Traffic SignsReduce your carbon footprint with reflective facility traffic signs made from recycled plastic.Versatile recycled plastic signs are made using 100% post-consumer plastic waste the result of converting dirty plastic into resilient and Earth-friendly material. The 3/16" thick Recycle-Grade Signs are one quarter the carbon footprint of aluminum,yet are comparable in strength and durability. Less expensive and less theft-prone than aluminum, Recycle-Grade Signs allow businesses to save green while being green and meeting Earth-friendly, sustainability initiatives. Engineer-Grade Prismatic sheeting is applied over the Recycle-Grade green material to provide reflectivity and visibility in low-light conditions. Recommended for commercial sign applications and traffic control in and around your facility. 100% recycled plastic back Fade-resistant UV inks DurableTop and bottom post mount holes MaterialEngineer-Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting guaranteed up to 5 years 3/16" Thick! Recyclableagainafter useArrow rightFRP714RCArrow leftFRP715RCR8-318" x 24"FRR022RC18" x 12"FRR244RC 24" x 18"FRR126RC24" x 18"FRR245RC 24" x 24"FRR050RC18" x 24"FRR043RC 18" x 24"FRP910RC 18" x 24"18" x 24"FRR288RCArrow rightFRR280RCArrow leftFRR281RCR7-618" x 12"FRP110RC 18" x 12"FRP116RC 18" x 12"FRP117RC 18" x 12"FRP170RC 18" x 12"FRP115RC 18" x 12"FRP174RC24" x 18"FRP139RC 24" x 18"FRP140RC 24" x 18"FRP118RC18" x 12"FRP246RC 18" x 12"FRP909RC 18" x 12"FRP278RC 18" x 12"FRP298RC570 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'