b'Closed ProfileOpen Profile Channel ChannelSteel U-Channel No holesPosts No holes With holesWith holes Mount signs to these rugged postsComposite U-Channel Posts Posts can be set in ground, concrete, or portable basePosts are 75% lighter than comparable steel versions. U-Channel posts have 3/8" holes on 1" centers along the length 6-ft. post available in Standard Weight (1.12 lb. per foot) andTough composite material has high torsional strength and is non-conductiveHeavy Weight (2-lb. per foot)The rust-free material has color throughout, so no need to re-paint,8-, 10-, and 12-ft. posts available in Heavy Weight reducing maintenance Available in green and galvanized finishesAvailable with Open Profile and Closed Profile Channel (back channel Approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) by meeting theclosed up for added strength and support)NCHRP-350 criteria.Both styles are available with 3/8" holes drilled on 3"centers on the upper portion of the post, and without holesGreen Finish Galvanized FinishPost is easy to cut to length and drill additional holesLength No. Price / Each No. Price / EachAvailable in white or greenStandard Weight - 1.12-lb/foot To order, add color code after part number:White - WT, Green - GN6-ft.HSP106 $31.63 HSP107 40.32 With Holes No HolesHeavy Weight - 2.00-lb/foot Length No. Price / Each No. Price / Each6-ft.HSP105 49.18 HSP102 64.08 Open Profile Channel8-ft. HSP108 64.78 HSP109 80.33 6-ft.HSP706 $57.65 HSP726 54.8510-ft. HSP110 83.30 HSP111 100.42 8-ft. HSP708 68.08 HSP728 63.4912-ft. HSP112 94.93 HSP113 126.99 Closed Profile ChannelNote: Posts are required to ship via truck. Shipping charges 6-ft.HSP701 67.21 HSP722 67.81will be applied based upon weight and zone. 8-ft. HSP703 83.32 HSP724 81.95Breakaway Base Sign MountingSteel U-Channel Posts Plate Designed for breakaway upon impactKeep signs flat when mounting andThe 3-ft. base is set into the ground or pavement tightening onto U-Channel post The post is splice-fastened onto the base with hardware (included) Includes bolt, adapter ring, washer,Base and post are heavy-weight grade (2-lb. per foot) plate and hex nutApproved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) by meeting Two sets required per sign No. Price / Setthe NCHRP-350 criteria. HSR165 $12.74Size No. Price / Each8-ft. Post with 3-ft. Base HSP308 $86.7210-ft. Post with 3-ft. Base HSP310 106.09Strap-On SignMounting Brackets A B C Stainless steel strap-on sign bracket HSR399 Mounting Bolts & Nuts For mounting sign onto tubular pipe post with steel banding (sold separately) or hose clampStandard bolt and nut secure traffic sign to post or mounting bracket Bracket has threaded holes for a 5/16" bolt One-way bolt and breakaway nut can prevent tamper-removal of traffic signs(included) to fit sign holesPlastic one-way bolt and lock nut are rust-proof and secure lock.Available in two sizes to fit posts outside Install with screwdriverdiameter of 4" or less; 4" or more HSR401Available in sets (two of each component) Two required per sign Style Size No. Price / SetFits No. Price / Each A. Bolt, Nut and Washer 2" x 5/16" HFN208 $4.094" or less HSR399 $14.40 B. One-way Bolt & Breakaway Nut 2" x 5/16" HFN206 11.384" or more HSR401 14.40 C. Plastic One-way Bolt & Lock Nut 2" x 5/16" HFN707 5.00576 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'