b'* Roll-Up Construction Sign OverlaysMake your sign work in various applications!*Some message signs have snaps to accommodate overlays to change the directional or distance message. They are size and material specific to the Roll-Up Sign.Size A - For use withSize B - For use withFor use with all signs identified with asteriskFRC317 & FRC426 FRC315 & FRC424for 36" FRC364 for 36" FRC366 for 36" FRC371 for 36" FRC373 for 36" FRC375for 48" FRC486 for 48" FRC488 for 48" FRC492 for 48" FRC494 for 48" FRC496 Snap overlay on top of standard message to indicate a change in How to Order Roll-Up Construction Overlays: direction or distance.Overlay snaps onto back of sign forSelect Overlay Part Number: FRC364 easy storage when not in use.Add Material Code: Mesh VinylMV = FRC364MVPrice per EachSize MeshFluorescentReflectiveDiamond Vinyl - MV Vinyl - FL Vinyl - RV Grade - DG Custom Overlays available. Refer to part number FRC555 and specify Overlays for 36" $43.29 47.72 50.96 64.19 material. We will contact you with a quote.Overlays for 48" 50.36 52.16 59.17 73.33Accessories (Sign sold separately)Custom Roll-Up Construction Signs Other messages on roll-up signs are available. Please contact us with yourWarning Flagparticular message as well as a symbol. 18" square red/orange Note: If the sign is to be used on public roadways, it must stay within thevinyl-coated nylon flag guidelines of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). with 24" wooden handleWrite or sketch out your message and place any symbol or logo (if necessary) Directs attention to the of what you want to appear on your roll-up sign. Color is black on orange.warning message on Review the table below to choose the part number that fits your material anddisplaysize requirements. We can provide you a proof (upon request) to confirm the Flags available eachappearance of your roll-up sign. Flag adapter (sold separately) attaches on top of the vertical cross-rib to accommodate three warning flags.Item No Price / EachWarning Flag FSG181 $9.11 Flag Adapter FRC705 34.57 Cross-Ribs Constructed of durable, flexible fiberglassNote: Insert into the four-corner Cross-ribspockets of the sign to soldprovide rigid supportseparately.Vertical support rib is the thicker of the two cross-ribsQuantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote.Size Mesh VinylFluorescent VinylReflective Vinyl No. No. No. Fits Sign Size No. Price / Each36" Roll-Up FRC355MV FRC355FL FRC355RV 36" x 36" FRC836 $28.49 48" Roll-Up FRC455MV FRC455FL FRC455RV 48" x 48" FRC848 36.65 583 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'