b'Traffic Delineator Posts Designed for sites where traffic control is required Impact-resistant tubular posts have an enhanced 360 visibility Mounts onto concrete, asphalt, or directly into soil Available in three highly-visible colors High-intensity reflective sheeting can be added for increased nighttime visibilitySurface MountGround Mount Markers MarkersUse to help control traffic Use to clearly delineate the flow along roadways. edge of a roadway or path. Kit comes complete with post UV-stabilized copolymer (choose from three colors), inner extrusion, impact-resistant postcore and hinge, base, grips, and pin Hinge is high-density, Designed to withstand multiple hitsall-weather polymer, at high speed and still maintain itsmechanically fastened to a vertical positioning patented barbed anchor thatAvailable in full length tubular remains secure in the ground or with a flat top after multiple impactsBase adheres to pavement usingAvailable in full-length tubular2-part epoxy (sold separately). or with a flat topTo order, select style and size basedon part numbers below; then add postcolor code after part number:OrangeOR, WhiteWT, YellowYLTo order, select style and size based on part Surface Mount numbers below; then add post color code afterStyle Size No. Price / Each part number: OrangeOR, WhiteWT, YellowYLTubular 36" FBS101 $54.68 Ground Mount48" FBS201 58.4236" FBS103 54.68 Style Size No. Price / EachFlat Top 48" FBS203 58.42 Tubular 36" FBS102 $52.4748" FBS202 57.24Item No. Price / Each Flat Top 36" FBS104 52.472-Part Epoxy* HFN606 $65.01 48" FBS204 57.24*Tube contains enough Epoxy for three to four markers.Traffic Delineators withPost Colors: YellowYL, OrangeOR, WhiteWT Reflective Decals Decal Colors: YellowYL, OrangeOR, WhiteWTHigh-intensity reflective sheeting provides Surface Mountincreased visibility at night. Style Size No. Price / Each Tubular Posts come with two 3" wide bands near the top Tubular 36" FBS111 $61.33 Flat Top Posts include 3" x 10" decals on both faces 48" FBS211 66.13 Other reflective sheeting options are available. Flat Top 36" FBS113 61.33Please call for a quote 48" FBS213 66.13How to Order: Ground MountStyle Size No. Price / Each Select style: Select Decal Color: WT 36" FBS112 $60.1936" Tubular SurfaceTubularMount = FBS11148" FBS212 64.9636" FBS114 60.19 Select Post Color: ORAdd the Color Code and Decal Code Flat Top Tubular Flat Top 48" FBS214 64.96after Part Number: FBS111ORWT592 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'