b'Trailer Warning FlagsThere are many risks when unloading/loading trailersNEWand trucks. Reduce hazards by strategically placing Trailer Warning Flags around the perimeter of your trailer.Positioning flags on the opposite sides of where its being loaded or unloaded will keep pedestrians out of harms way. Durable aluminum bracket with high visibility plastic flag Simply drop bracket onto any bed frame opening Price / Each Flag positions easily using hook and loop mounting tabs $91.38 Sign portion can be rolled for storage TWF100TWF103 TWF104 TWF102Pennant Flag TapesAttention-getting pennant flag tapes are an effective way to surround, block off, and warn of hazardous areas.Standard style has 9" x 12" red, polyethylene plastic pennant flags sewn onto durable cord (approx. 66" of lead cord on each end). Ideal for indoor and temporary outdoor applications. ReflectiveHeavy-Duty style has large 18" x 18", tough, tear-resistant vinyl laminated, fluorescent orange nylon pennant flags sewn onto high-tensile strength cord. Flags are 18" apart with 20-ft. of lead tape at each end. Ideal for Warning Flag extended periods outdoors,Get added attentionOSHA-Compliant style has 18" x 18" brightly colored fluorescent orange or yellow, durable flags sewn onto a with reflectivity.heavy duty reinforced chord that exceeds OSHAs 500 lb. tensile strength requirements for use in above ground construction areas, flat roof jobs and upper level construction. Meets OSHA 1926.502(f)(2)(iv). withstandingVinyl flag provides extra visibility withthe harshest conditions.a 3/4" wide lime-yellow X-shape made from reflective material on brightNo. of fluorescent red background Length Pennants Color No. Price / Each Flag measures 18" x 18" and hasStandard Style Custom printed 24" long dowel included 60-ft. 36 Red PTF360 $12.17 message onIdeal for emergency situations in Heavy-Duty Style standard style is low-light conditions 83-ft. 15 Fluor. Orange MPBT015 89.37 available. Order 113-ft. 25 Fluor. Orange MPBT025 128.73 PTF555, specify OSHA-Compliant Style word(s), pennant 83-ft. 15 Fluor. Orange MPBT035 105.32 size, and length.No. Price / Each 113-ft. 25 Fluor. Orange MPBT045 154.17FSG160 $16.29 83-ft. 15 Yellow MPBT065 105.32113-ft. 25 Yellow MPBT075 154.17599 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'