b'Custom Paddle SignsPaddle signs can be designed to your specific message and size. Contact us with part number FSP555 and specify your requirements for a quote.Paddle Signs USEDirect and control traffic. LEFT Paddle signs are printed on both sides -LANEchoose STOP on one side and SLOW on the other, or STOP on both sides Help crossing guards direct cars through aUSEpedestrian or school crossing area LEFT Easy to carry and maneuver LANESign SignHandleHandleSTOP SLOWSTOP STOPPrice / EachMaterial Size Length Material No. No.Hard Board 18" 10" Wood FSP181 FSP183 $40.00Aluminum 18" 6" Steel FSP152 FSP154 56.37Aluminum 18" 60" Wood FSP153 FSP156 64.40Reflective Aluminum18" 60" Wood FSP175 FSP177 72.34Reflective Aluminum24" 60" Wood FSP190106.56High Intensity18" 60" Wood FSP185 FSP187 80.78AluminumRoll-Up Paddle SignsPaddle sign breaks down for compact storage. Flexible paddle sign unrolls to become 18" or 24" Stop/Slow signaling sign Available in Superbright and Diamond Grade reflective material to meet MUTCD requirementsThe two-piece plastic staff plus sign support come together to form a 6-ft. sign A heavy-duty, 3" x 8" x 38" bag is included for storageSize No. Price / EachSuperbright18"FSP210 $226.3024" FSP212 271.22Diamond Grade18" FSP224 254.8824" FSP226 340.34Section 6E.03 - Hand-Signaling DevicesThe STOP/SLOW Paddle shall have an octagonal shape on a rigid handle, be at least 450 mm (18") wide with letters at least 150 mm (6") high and should be fabricated from light semirigid material. The background of the STOP face shall be red with white letters and border. When used at night, the STOP/SLOW paddle shall be retroreflectorized.Section 7E.05 - Operating procedures for Adult Guards The STOP Paddle shall be an octagonal shape. The background of the STOP face shall be red with at least 150 mm (6") series capital white letters and border. The paddle shall be at least 450 mm (18") in size and have the word message STOP on both sides. The paddle shall be retroreflectorized or illuminated when used during hours of darkness.601 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'