b'Safety MirrorsImprove visibility and safety with these high-grade, optically sharp safety mirrors.Properly installed mirrors let you see around corners, in aisles, hallways, and reveal difficult-to-see areas and blind spots. They can help prevent accidents by widening and enhancing the field of vision in and around hallways, aisles, and docks, where pedestrians and plant vehicles move about. Mirrors are also ideal for surveillance security to monitor high-risk areas. The optical clarity of these safety mirrors provides bright, clear reflections. Glass lens is easier to clean and more scratch-resistant than acrylic. Acrylic lens is shatterproof and weighs less than glass. Outdoor style features rubber edging and hardboard backing that has been weatherproofed. Mounting brackets included. Convex Dome Wide angle viewing160+ viewing angleLarge viewing areas for overhead viewing at blind corners, intersections, entrances, and exits Install in low ceiling and small viewing areas Half-dome for 3-way T intersection Full-dome for 4-way intersection or panoramic view All safety mirrors come with adjustable hardware Full-Dome360 Half-Dome180Convex field of vision Full-Dome field of vision Half-Dome field of visionDiameter No. Price / Each Diameter No. Price / Each Diameter No. Price / Each Diameter No. Price / EachConvex Glass (Indoor Only) Convex Acrylic (Indoor/Outdoor) Full-Dome360/Acrylic (Indoor Only) Half-Dome180/Acrylic (Indoor Only)12" PRM212 $55.28 18" PRM318 $125.33 18" PRM718 $130.07 18" PRM618 $70.8318" PRM218 76.82 26" PRM326 209.88 26" PRM726 228.62 26" PRM626 121.3226" PRM226 129.10 36" PRM336 337.05 36" PRM736 403.85 36" PRM636 170.57Other style and size mirrors available, order PRM555, specify style, size, material, and quantity.Traffic AlertMirror SystemTraffic Alert Mirror System is a self-contained triple safety system that alerts pedestrians of oncoming vehicle or forklift traffic. Inside your facility this unit suspends overhead to greatly improve the visibility of forklift operators or employees on foot. Microwave motion sensor detects vehicles approaching up to 80-ft. away with a response time of 100 ms which activates the strobe light and audible horn to warn employees and other forklift operators in the area. Flashing strobe lights are especially beneficial in areas where ambient noise levels are high. Install overhead at intersections, blind corners, main entry or exit points, loading dock areas, anywhere in a facility where vehicles and pedestrians can intersect. 26" full dome mirror Large high intensity strobe, 8.7 million candle power Style No. Price / EachAudible alarm with adjustable tone settings up to 109 dB at 1 m 1-Way Sensor PRM101 $6731.89 Operates on 120 VAC / 15 amps with hard wire connection 2-Way Sensor PRM102 7293.99 Available with 1 to 4 sensors, choose depending upon the traffic3-Way Sensor PRM103 7832.36intersection 4-Way Sensor PRM104 8588.97 Can be mounted with jack chain (sold separatelyHTL640) Accessory No. Price / Ft Operates on 120 VAV / 15 amps with hard wire connection Jack Chain, #6 HTL640 4.14602 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'