b'Barricade Lights Solar Barricade LightAdd visibility to your barricade. Power up Barricade Lights with the sun.Durable polycarbonate 7" amber lens with Eliminate the maintenance, replacement, steady or flashing light, rotate onto plasticand disposal costs in batteries and bulbsyellow battery-case baseThe solar photovoltaic cells are on top ofPhotocell turns on automatically in dark conditions the 7" dia. x 3 3/4" high-impactConcealed on-off switch with bolt and set-in nutpolycarbonate lens included for easy mountingThe durable polypropylene case has aIncandescent style requires two 6-volt batteries;universal mount bracket and 360 swivel LED style requires 4 D batteries (sold separately)The on/off and steady-on/flash switchesare secured inside small holes Item No. Price / EachThe high-intensity LED has brightness of IncandescentFBL182 $55.44 FBL182 2000 MCD for steady-on and 4000 MCD (2 6-volt batteries) with flash rate of 60 times per minuteLED (4 D batteries) FBL184 61.16Replacement Hex The batteries operate up to three nights on Bolt Wrench FBL189 7.43 a single charge, and photocell activates the 6-Volt Battery HPB117 14.68 device when ambient light falls below 215 lux D Battery (6/pk) HPB113 21.69 No. Price / EachFBL639 $93.19Meets Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)Meets MUTCD and the Institute of Transportation Engineers Purchase Specifications and(ITE) Purchase Specification.MUTCD standards. Note: Not for use in any location where unit will not receive at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day.FBL184Warning LightsBright warning lights flash for a sure way to get attention. Install on control panels, machinery, entryways, various vehicles, or by itself to warn of potentially hazardous or emergency situations.High-ProfileHigh-Profile,Standard-StrobeHeavy-DutyProfile,LightsStrobe Lights LED Strobe Lights Bright, tall strobe light Epoxy-encapsulated power supplyprotects from LED design features electronic driver circuit andUp to 90 FPM, double excessive vibrationand moisture generates no high voltagesAmber polycarbonate lens, four screwsUp to 80 FPM, quad Up to 65 FPM, quadXenon field replaceable bulbAmber polycarbonate lens, four screwsAmber polycarbonate lens Aluminum mounting baseXenon field replaceable bulbSix LEDs per head Available in combination 1" (NPT)/permanent mount Aluminum mounting base Nylon plastic, epoxy-encapsulated mounting base for or in magnetic mount with lighted on/off rocker Available in combination 1" (NPT)/permanent mountwater and vibration resistanceswitch to lengthen cord life or in magnetic mount with lighted on/off rocker Available in permanent or magnetic mount versionVoltage: 12 to 24 VDC switch to lengthen cord life Voltage: 12 to 80 VDCClass II, SAE J1318, CEVoltage: 12 to 24 VDC UL listed, CE Class I, SAE J1318Style Voltage No. Price / Each Style Voltage No. Price / Each Style Voltage No. Price / Each6.25"H x 5.13" dia. 6.25"H x 5.13" dia. 5.16"H x 2.38" dia.Permanent Mount 12 to 24 VDCFLN411$186.61Permanent Mount 12 to 24 VDC FLN421 $209.50 Permanent Mount 12 to 80 VDC FLN441 $147.08Magnetic Mount 12 to 24 VDC FLN413 213.89 Magnetic Mount 12 to 24 VDC FLN423 232.02 Magnetic Mount 12 to 80 VDC FLN443 165.99Strobe Light Features and Installation Options: Other lens colors, voltages, and styles of warning lights available. Contact us and refer to part number FLN555.High-output bulb pulses for flash-effect Available with single, double or quad flash patterns Provide your requirements and specifications. We willInstallation is permanent mount or magnetic mount with 12-ft. cord to cigarette lighter plug get back to you with a quote.603 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'