b'FlashlightsLightsticks Green - GN Orange - OR Rugged, multi-purpose flashlight for industrial, security, and Get highly visible light instantly,directional use.anywhere! Red - RD White - WTPolypropylene case measures 7 3/4" long by 1 1/2" diameter Ideal for remote places and emergencies Yellow - YL Blue - BUShock-absorbing housing with scratch-resistant, unbreakable lens Safe, non-toxic, and self-containedOperates on two D-cell batteries (sold separately) Waterproof, unaffected by wind or weather8" red, polyethylene Glo-Wand accessoryTo activate: bend Lightstick, listen for snap, and shake (sold separately) snaps on to create a traffic director 6" high Lightstick features stand-base and top hole to loop string or tie Glo-Wand Attachment8" colored polyethylene wand snaps on to To order, add color code after part number. the top of the Yellow Flashlight making it aGlo-Wand Attachmenttraffic director. For use with FLH804 only.Item Color Code No. Price / Each Item No. Price / Each12-hour Lightstick GN, OR, RD, YL FLS612 $4.59 Yellow Flashlight FLH804 $13.758-hour Lightstick BU, WT FLS608 4.59 Orange Flashlight / Hazardous Location FLH816 17.5930-minute Lightstick RD, WT, YL FLS630 4.59 Red Glo-Wand (Accessory) FLH828 9.70FLP318 FLP320FLP307 FLP308Arrow LightFLP323 Mini Bright-Flash Signal LightsIdeal for use on persons or objects that need to be seen from a distance Palm BrightFlash Signal Lights or in low-light conditions.High-powered light ideal for emergency and cautionary signal Compact (3" x 2" x 1 1/4"), weather-resistant caseapplications.Five super-bright LEDs can be visible up to 1/2 mile away The portable size (6 1/4" x 4" x 1 1/2") contains 18 super-bright LEDs in three Red unit features five flash patterns: steady on, fast flash, rows and can be seen up to a mile away slow flash, and three alternating patterns Operates on 4 AA batteries for up to 24 hours (sold separately)Amber unit features steady on and fast flash Integral pop-out leg to stand on its ownOperates on 2 AA batteries (sold separately) for up to 200 hours Magnetic back to temporarily attach to stationary vehicles or other steelStandard Light Kit includes Signal Light with belt clip, arm band,surfaces and pipe mount (batteries sold separately).Standard has two light functions - steady-on or flashing. Hard Hat Light Kit includes Signal Light with belt clip and bracket Arrow Light flashes directional arrow pattern. for hard hat (batteries included).Style Red No. Amber No. Price / Each Item Red No. Amber No. Price / EachStandard Light FLP318 FLP320 $42.26 Standard Light Kit FLP306 FLP308 $25.36Arrow Light FLP323 FLP325 47.08 Hard Hat Light Kit FLP307 FLP309 32.56604 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'