b'Molded Stanchion Posts with Retractable BeltPrevent unauthorized access to indoor restricted areas or simply direct the flowPRT104of foot traffic through your facility. Choose from yellow or black molded polyethylene plastic posts with four different belt styles Belts measure 6.5-ft. in length with a safety braking system for safe belt retraction Posts are 38 1/2"H x 2 7/8"Dwith a self-weighted base diameter of 14 1/2" and weighs 17-lbs. Reinforced shoulder at base of post, keeps post standing straight with added strength and durability Includes 2 posts, 2 bases, and two retractable belts 4-Way belt connection points Assembles without tools using QuikSecure technology PRT102PRT106BK NEWCompatible with Stanchion Post Base CoversBlack Post Yellow PostBelt Style No. Price / Pkg. of 2 No. Price / Pkg. of 2Black PRT101BK $176.93 PRT106BK 176.93Yellow PRT101YL 176.93 PRT106YL 176.93BilingualPRT102 192.30 PRT108 192.30CAUTION/CUIDADO Chevron Yellow/Black PRT104 192.30 PRT110 192.30Steel Stanchion Posts with Retractable Belts NEWRugged and durableNEWfor use indoors. PRC453 Retractable belt features braking system and locking button on clips Posts are 38 1/2"H x 2 1/2"D4-Way belt connection pointsBelts measure:Compatible with 7.5-ft. in length Stanchion PostPRC448 PRC449 Assembles withoutBase Covers Stanchion Post tools using QuikSecure Base CoverstechnologyPre-filled molded baseIncrease the effectiveness won\'t rust, crack, orof your stanchion posts by damage floor adding a base cover message. Reverse and subsurface printedPRC454 PRC456on matte PETG protects print from damage Designed specifically for ChainPrice / Pkg. of 2Storage Stanchion Post, Molded$67.41and Steel Stanchion Posts with Black Steel Post Silver Steel Post Retractable Belt (sold separately)PRC457Style No. Price / Pkg. of 2 No. Price / Pkg. of 2Black Belt PRT111BK $331.29 PRT116BK 331.39Red Belt PRT111RD 331.39 PRT116RD 331.39Blue Belt PRT111BU 331.39 PRT116BU 331.39 Custom Stanchion PostG R E T N I E V - E E RYellow Belt PRT111YL 331.39 PRT116YL 331.39 L A D Y RIE ZBase Covers D Z I A R HDE E Z E ZE TET A I L I GCaution Do Not Enter Belt PRT112 352.51 PRT117 352.51R ARTED IV NDanger Keep Out Belt PRT113 352.51 PRT118 352.51 Identify temporary hazards with customH YR RE Y H E EE V RE IT DRATChevron Yellow/Black Belt PRT114 352.51 PRT119 352.51 message, graphic, and logo. Contact usENER ALIZ REGIZE EDChevron Red/White Belt PRT115 352.51 PRT120 352.51 with part number PRC499.615 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'