b'Wall Mount Retractable Belt Tape BarriersPull to extend belt tape from the wall for a barrier.Wall Mount Retractable Belt Tape Barriers are ideal for quickly setting up a retractable barrier without taking up any floor spaceespecially when portable posts are not appropriate. 2" wide, heavy-duty belt tape resists frayingor puckering Belt tape neatly and safely retracts back into holder with controlled, consistent and reliable rotary damperBelt Tape Colorsbrake technology Noticeable red slide action lock For indoor useAttach Plate to Wall15-ft. to 25-ft. Wall Unit High impact polycarbonate case attaches to separate mounting plate (included) Unit can be moved to various locations with additional mounting plates(sold separately) Smooth black finish unit measures4 1/8"W x 5 1/8"D x 3 7/8"HWall-Mount ReceiverTo order, add belt color code after part number. Slide Head onto Mounting PlateFor use with 10-ft., 15-ft., and Belt Length No. Price / Each Additional Mounting Plate 25-ft. wall units.15-ft. PRT412 $205.0720-ft. PRT414 266.05 No. Price / Each No. Price / Each25-ft. PRT416 318.58 PRT400 $30.33 PRT300 $19.69Other styles, including custom printed belt tapes are available. Contact us for a quote. Refer to part number PRT405 for 10-ft. or part number PRT415 for 15-25-ft.Rack Mount Retractable Belt Tape BarriersExtend belt tape from the end of a storage rack. Mount onto storage racks in warehouses, factories, andstock areas to restrict access Mount the unit to vertical rack support with choice of hoseHose Clampclamp for semi-permanent installation or magnet for quick install and removal Ideal for portable use throughout the rack area Durable 2" wide belt tape end has S-Clip to wrap and secure around the opposite rack support Available each in yellow case with diagonal yellow and black striped tape or Caution Do Not Enter messagetape, in three lengths Magnet/ClipTo order, add belt style code after part number. Black/YellowBKYL, Caution Do Not EnterCA.Hose Clamp Magnetic MountBelt Length No. Price / Each No. Price / Each15-ft. PRT602 $254.59 PRT612 254.5920-ft. PRT604 314.55 PRT614 314.5525-ft. PRT606 370.53 PRT616 370.53 Other styles are available. Contact us with part number PRT615 for a quote.619 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'