b'Barricade Safety FenceEnclose work sites, construction zones, or hazardous areas with this durable temporary safety fencing. Plastic fences are excellent warning barriers for temporary and permanent enclosures Strong, lightweight polyethylene is UV-stabilized for extended outdoor use Oval hole design pattern provides see-through visibility and controls snow drifts Available in high-visibility orange 4-ft.H x 100-ft.L Also known as Snow FenceNo. Price / RollFBF129 $92.48T-Posts Post DriverEasy and practical way to connectThe Post Drivers weight (38-lbs.) different types of fences and barriers. forces posts into the groundWork great with the Barricade Safety Fence without diggingand Pocket-Net Barrier Fence Made of heavy-duty steel that is 65"Steel T-Posts can be driven directly into the ground long with two side grab-handles6 1/2-ft. long post is standard weight - and 3 3/4" 1 1/4-lbs. per foot inside diameter barrel Available in painted finishFor use on U-Channel, Square, T- and Tubular Pipe PostsNo. Price / Each No. Price / EachHSP606 $20.52 HSP904 $615.59Pocket-Net Barrier Fence Quick & Easy to Install!Posts are inserted into pockets within the fabric for a secure non-snagging fence. Fence weighs just 14-lbs. per 4-ft. x 150-ft. roll, yet has the strength of traditional barricade fences Mesh-knit construction uses interwoven, double-ply strands of UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene The flexible and stretchable fence maintains a positive tension for going around corners Cuts easily with scissors 1 2 3 Install and secure the fence onto ground posts without cable ties, straps, staples, or weaving the postMeasure postSlip inner sleeveThe bottom pocket openings, every three inches, slip over ground posts (top is sewn closed) distances andover post andPlace post cap on top of post overIncluded inner sleeves and post caps ease installation with added benefits: inner sleeves minimize postset posts into theslide all the waythe inner sleeve.abrasions, and post caps protect from sharp post tops ground. down. Included are 16 inner sleeves and 16 post caps4 5 6Spread open first Once the fence is set pocket (at bottom ofStretch the fenceon all posts (approx. fencing). Slip over pocket to the next6" down), go back post cap and innerpost, and repeatand pull the fence sleeve approx. step 4. Repeat. fully down the posts. 6" down. You are installed!When ordering, add color code after part number: GreenGN, OrangeOR, Lime GreenLG.No. Price / RollFBG602$170.46Additional colors available, contact us for a quote.627 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'