b'Transparent vinyl is available in three colors (tints)Yellow, Red, and Blue6\' x 6\'PWD100 6\' x 6\'PWD104 6\' x 6\'PWD1246\' x 8\'PWD102 6\' x 8\'PWD106 6\' x 8\'PWD126Custom TM PRINTED WELDING SCREENSPrinted Welding ScreensTMSame price as stock! Customize your ONE-WAY PRINTED WELDING SCREENSPrinted Welding Screensno set-up fees, no minimum orders, unlimited colors, logos, and photos.6\' x 6\'PWD116 6\' x 6\'PWD1016\' x 8\'PWD118 6\' x 8\'PWD103Contact us for a quote.Size No.6\' x 6\' PWD1556\' x 8\' PWD2556\' x 6\'PWD120 6\' x 6\'PWD108 other PWD5556\' x 8\'PWD122 6\' x 8\'PWD1106\' x 6\'PWD1286\' x 8\'PWD130Welding Screen FramesStandard and Custom sizes that can be used for all ofSize No. Price / Eachyour welding projects and needs. 6\' x 6\' PWD300 $282.67 Available in 6\' x 6\', 6\' x 8\', and custom sizes 6\' x 8\' PWD302 293.406\' x 6\'PWD112Strong, sturdy, and durable 3/4" EMT conduit other PWD355 call for quote6\' x 8\'PWD114Extremely easy to assemble629 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'