b'TM PRINTED WELDING SCREENSPrinted Welding Partition ScreenProtect your employees from the welding process by completelyClose-up screen at track. Close-up of track.TMPRINTED WELDING SCREENS Welding Partition Screen Track separating your welding area while still communicating motivational and safety messages. SystemONE-WAY Printed Welding Partition Screen allows welders to see through the screen, whileSupport your ONE-WAY Printed Welding Partition simultaneously protecting and informing employees on the other side. Move Welding Partition Screen onScreen with a heavy-duty, 100-lb. capacity track system.track system (sold separately) to create a temporary welding area fully customizable to your liking.Constructed of galvanized steelProtection from harmful UV light, flash burn, sparks, fumes, and flying debrisOne Support Bracket is required for everyPrint key safety and motivational messages on the outside 4-ft. of trackScreens can be as large as 6-ft. H x desired lengthJoint Bracket holds adjoining section of track together Vinyl tint available in three colorsyellow, red, and blueRoller hanger has 3/16" outside diameter steel hook;Edges are hemmed and sewn with brass grommets on the top one hanger required for each foot of track Durable 14-mil translucent vinyl (NFPA 701 approved material)End Stop prevents hangers from rolling off the track CFM Approved (Meets CA Fire Marshal requirements) Item No. Price / Each Create a welding area by attaching the screen(s) to a heavy-duty Track System (parts sold separately) 8\' Long Straight Roller Track PWD341 $149.72 Available in: YellowYL, RedRD, BlueBU 3.1\' Long 90 Curve Track PWD342 329.34Partition Screens can also be used as a visual partition for a variety of applications such asJoint BracketPWD343 38.54concerts, sporting events, amusement parks, no-entry zones, and more! Support Bracket PWD344 38.54No. Roller Hanger PWD345 11.27PWD655 End Stop/Wall Connector PWD346 17.32630 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'