b'Bounce-BackPlastic Bumper Removable Bollard Post BollardInstall visible barrier around exposedBumper Post Bollards can equipment, housings, or fixtures. protect employees, equipmentFlexible post bends at the baseand machinery, doorways, and bounces back from accidentaland passageways from impacts and hits vehicular traffic.46" high x 4" diameter orange moldedThey act as barrier blocks between plastic with 18" reflective silver stripe vehicles and personnel/property. 10" diameter, solid rubber base Made from recycled plastic with three pre-drilled holes products with UV stabilizers toBolt base directly to surface prevent breakdown and fading Bolt sets sold separatelyMolded in bright safetyyellow color, thus retaining their color even when scratched or nicked 6" square post is 33"H with 8" square base and four holes for surface mountNo. Price / EachFMR704 $66.56Lag Bolt Set includes:1 bolt, 1 washer, and 1 anchorItem No. Price / Each6" Lag Bolt Set HFN209 $7.54 W x H No. Price / Each* Requires three sets. 6" x 33" FMR633 $190.98Poly Guide-PostRebound Bollards Bollard PostHighly visible Guide-PostAdd impact-absorbing posts Bollards stand out when setaround your facility to protect in crowded areas. your equipment and areas. Brightly colored, high-density Durable, impact-absorbing polyethylene plastic posts delineator rebounds upright if Lightweight and portable, yetrun into by a vehicledurable and weather-resistantBase and delineator are singleWrapped with two 3" widemolded plastic to create a Engineer-Grade Reflectivestructurally solid delineatorsilver bands for 4" diameter x 32" high yellow, increased visibility rounded topStands 42" high x 5 3/4"post has three reflective silver in diameter stripes for added visibility Mounted onto 10" square Three pre-drilled holes in 8" dia. plastic plate with four anchorbase to bolt directly to surfaceslots. (Lag Bolt Set Bolt sets sold separately#HFN209 sold separately) Add sand bag for increased stability and weight (Sand bags sold separately,No. Price / Eachsee page 590) FMR635 $44.88To order, add color code after part number:Lag Bolt Set includes:OrangeOR, YellowYL, Lime GreenGN 1 bolt, 1 washer, and 1 anchorNo. Price / Each Item No. Price / EachFMR342 $91.67 6" Lag Bolt Set HFN209 $7.54* Requires three sets.633 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'