b'FLOOR SIGNS & TAPES Floor SignsStep-Style6" x 24"PSR282 6" x 24"PSR2646" x 24"PRS268Slip-Gard Floor SignsAlert and remind those in and around walkways, work areas, and6" x 24"PSR274 6" x 24"PSR278entrances with bold graphics and messages on a non-slip sign.Vinyl sign is overlaminated with a protective, non-slip, pebble-textured vinyl surface for added durability Printed and overlaminated to protect the graphics and message fromheavy pedestrian traffic 6" x 24"PSR246 6" x 24"PSR248 Strong, permanent acrylic adhesive back with peel-off liner Available in Step-Style (6" x 24") or Mat-Style (20" x 14", 36" x 24")For extra adhesion to ensure the edges stay down, use edge sealer MB144 (sold separately)6" x 24"PSR266 6" x 24"PSR277Style Size Price / EachStep-Style 6" x 24" $21.55Mat-Style 20" x 14" 43.51Mat-Style 36" x 24" 72.686" x 24"PSR271 6" x 24"PSR273Mat-Style20" x 14"PSR649 20" x 14"PSR680 20" x 14"PSR684 20" x 14"PSR636 20" x 14"PSR630 20" x 14"PSR63320" x 14"PSR640 20" x 14"PSR642 20" x 14"PSR628 20" x 14"PSR620 20" x 14"PSR624 20" x 14"PSR67036" x 24"PSR643Edge SealerNo. Price / EachExtra adhesion power! MB144 $35.41 Fastens signs and tapes to floors, walls,Additional Slip-Gard drums, or containers Floor Signs are availablePrevents edges from lifting and inhibitschemical and moisture intrusionon our website 5-oz. tube covers approximately 100 linear feet640All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'