b'Skid-Gard Floor SignsIndoor/outdoor, slip-resistant floor signs alert and inform. Under normal traffic conditions, Skid-Gard Floor Signs are wear-, weather-, and water-resistant for indoor and outdoor environments.Constructed of a 60-grit aluminum oxide compound layer fused onto a thick PVC base Installs quickly and easily with high-tack acrylic adhesive back and peel-off liner Messages are protected and visible through the clear, slip-resistant, surface Rounded corners to prevent edges from liftingFor extra adhesion to ensure the edges stay down, use edge sealer MB144 (sold separately)Size Price / Each DANGER6" x 24" $24.446" x 24"PSD101 6" x 24"PSD105 6" x 24"PSD1076" x 24"PSD112 6" x 24"PSD116 6" x 24"PSD120 6" x 24"PSD6036" x 24"PSD606 6" x 24"PSD612 6" x 24"PSD614 6" x 24"PSD620RESTRICTED AREA6" x 24"PSD622 6" x 24"PSD631 6" x 24"PSD637 6" x 24"PSD6506" x 24"PSD402 6" x 24"PSD404 6" x 24"PSD408 6" x 24"PSD412Custom Skid-Gard Floor SignsHave your custom message printed on Skid-Gard Floor Signs. Quantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote.Compose your message, add a symbol or logo, and tell us your color requirements and we will take care of theSize No.rest. Contact us with a part number and quantity and we will get back to you with a quote. 6" x 24" PSD655Pavement-Print SignsPavements are not just for walking on. Increase visibility of safety messages with attention-getting Pavement-Print Signs! Adheres to asphalt, concrete, and even step-stones High-performance adhesive back, foil-base material17" PSW723 17" PSW702 17" PSW721 17" PSW704conforms to rough, untreated surfaces like stone and cement, giving it a painted appearanceFor short-, mid-, and long-term purposes Withstands normal to heavy walking foot traffic and other abrasionsSlip-resistant, non-laminatedsurface contains embedded glass beads for a non-slip texture - meeting NFSI and ASTM D2047 specifications Glass bead surface also reflects the light, making the17" PSW715 17" PSW717 17" PSW706 17" PSW719sign graphics easily visibleCommon areas of application include parking lots, pedestrian walkways, and other asphalt areasApply to swept, clean, dry surface, void of oilsCustom Pavement-Print Signsand chemicalsCreate Pavement-Print Signs with your message, design, symbol, Recommended applicationPrice / Eachor logo. Write or sketch out your wording, idea, or design, and temperature range:indicate any size requirements. Specify quantity when ordering. 50 to 100F$46.49 17" PSW701 Contact us for a quote. Refer to part number PSW755. 643 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'