b'ONENEW YEARGUARANTEEFrom PurchaseDateTough-Mark2" x 48"PTP2133" x 48"PTP2104" x 48"PTP226Printed Heavy-Duty Message Strips 2" x 48"PTP2143" x 48"PTP2204" x 48"PTP227When printed adhesive tapes just wont get the job done, use our Tough-Mark printed message strips. Sub-surface2" x 48"PTP2343" x 48"PTP2094" x 48"PTP233print keeps your messages protected even in the harshest environments.Applies and bonds easily to a variety of clean sealed, and2" x 48"PTP302 3" x 48"PTP3034" x 48"PTP304non-coated surfaces Made with 45-mil poly plastic with an aggressive adhesive backing Beveled edges reduce tears and lifting commonly resulting2" x 48"PTP2153" x 48"PTP2214" x 48"PTP228from pallet dragging Combine printed strips with blank strips to create unique aisle markings Strips are easily trimmed to needed length or to create2" x 48"PTP2163" x 48"PTP2224" x 48"PTP229corners One year limited manufacturers warranty**Visit www.Accuform.com for complete warranty information2" x 48"PTP2173" x 48"PTP2234" x 48"PTP230Size Price / Each2" x 48" $14.013" x 48" 16.01 2" x 48"PTP2183" x 48"PTP2244" x 48"PTP2314" x 48" 18.002" x 48"PTP2193" x 48"PTP2254" x 48"PTP232Custom printed Tough-MarkQuantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote.Item No. Item No.Message Strips and Shapes 6" x 6" Quad Create your own custom messages using2" x 48" Strip PTP255 Corner PTP855specific text, bar codes, or graphics.3" x 48" Strip PTP355 6" x 6" T-Corner PTP955Provide us with your details and quantity4" x 48" Strip PTP455 Rounded Corner PTP175requirements for a price quote. other size PTP655 3 1/2" Circle PTP26545 Corner PTP755647 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'