b'Floor Stripe High Performance Marking TapesHeavy-duty composite tape outperforms standard floor marking tapes.Printed 2-mil polyester tapes have 1-mil gloss overlaminate. Acrylic adhesive backing provideshigh tack bond to a variety of smooth and rough surfaces. High-gloss surface resists marks and smudgesResistant to abrasions, water, chemicals, and heat Acrylic adhesive back provides high-tack bond Applies to clean, non-coated, smooth or rough surfaces, including concrete Low-profile reduces tears and scratches from skids, pallet jacks Removes easily without leaving residue or damage to the floor Minimum application temperature: 50F. Temperature range: -40 to 302FSolid ColorsTo order, add color code after part number:RedRD, OrangeOR, YellowYL, GreenGN,BlueBU, WhiteWT, BlackBKSize No. Price / Roll2" x 100-ft. PTP102 $54.323" x 100-ft. PTP103 79.25Black & Yellow StripesSize No. Price / Roll3" x 50-ft. PTP129 $45.56Tapes can be custom printed with your message, graphic, or logo. Contact us with part number PTP155 for 3" x 50-ft. or PTP555 for all other sizes.Glow-in-the-Dark TapesMark for visibility and safety in low-light and emergency blackout situations. Photoluminescent marking tapes glow in the darkThe marking tape is \'energized\' by any light source - the longer exposure to light, the longer glow timeWhite with slight green appearance for goodvisibility in regular lightMade of flexible 10-mil polyester withcoated gloss surface Permanent acrylic adhesive back withpeel-off liner Glow rating for 10-hoursSize No. Price / RollSolid Color2" x 15-ft. PTM911$42.802" x 30-ft. PTM91276.243" x 15-ft. PTM915 58.80Stripe Pattern2" x 15-ft. PTM922 50.672" x 30-ft. PTM924 93.323" x 15-ft. PTM926 78.13Arrow Pattern Glow marking tapes are available in 2" x 15-ft. PTM931 50.67 other widths and lengths. Order part number PTM955 and specify width, 2" x 30-ft. PTM933 93.32 pattern, length, and quantity of rolls.3" x 15-ft. PTM935 78.13648 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'