b'Marking TapesMark specific areas and promote safety by identifying potential hazard areas with visible tapes. Colors and combinations meet specific6-mil vinyl adheres to floors, walls, piping, posts, beams, handrails, stairways, machinery, and equipment industry and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.144 warning requirements Waterproof, wear-resistant, minor resistance to acids, oils, grease, caustics, alkalis, and most solvents Permanent self-adhesive back 1 year shelf lifeSolid Colors Striped Colors Checkerboard ColorsSize No. Price / Roll Size No. Price / RollTo order, add color code after part number. Stripe PatternSize No. Price / Roll Size No. Price / Roll 2" x 54-ft. PTM723 $22.62 3" x 54-ft. PTM73426.75Solid Colors 2" x 108-ft. PTM72629.06 3" x 108-ft. PTM73840.642" x 108-ft. PTM623$16.10 3" x 108-ft. PTM633 23.36 Checkerboard Pattern2" x 180-ft. PTM62627.71 3" x 180-ft. PTM63640.10 2" x 54-ft. PTM77331.49 3" x 54-ft. PTM78447.46TAPES COLOR/COMBINATION CODE APPLICATIONRed RD Fire Protection Equipment & Danger HazardsOrange OR Danger Points on MachinesYellow YL Physical HazardsGreen GN First Aid & Safety EquipmentCustom Marking Tapes Blue BU Machinery being Worked OnTapes are available in other widths and lengths. Order part numberPurple* PR* X-ray & Radiation HazardsPTM655 and specify width, pattern, color(s), length, and quantity of rolls. Yellow/Black BKYL General, Physical HazardsRed/White RDWT Fire Protection & EquipmentCustom Message Marking TapesBlack/White BKWT Housekeeping, Aisles, Traffic, & PassagewaysMagenta/Yellow* MGYL* Radiation AreasCustom Message Marking Tapes are available with your message and Green/White* GNWT* Safety & First Aidsymbol or logo (if required) - even in full-color - printed repeatedly on Blue/White* BUWT* Defective Equipmentthe length of the roll. Refer to part number PTM455. Orange/White ORWT Traffic and Caution*Unavailable in reflectiveMarking Tape Reflective Floor Applicator TapesMark aisles, pathways, and Engineer grade, Type 1 withtraffic lines by applying tapebounceback reflectivityeasily and quickly, without Improved daytime, low-lighthaving to bend over, stoop, orand nighttime visibilitykneel to position tape by hand.5 1/2-mil thick urethane tape Holds self-wound, self-adhesivePermanent adhesive withmarking tape roll size up to peel-off liner4" x 180-ft. with 3" core diameter Suitable for outdoor use on poles, barricades, fences, buildings, private roads, Sturdy construction with handleand off-road vehiclesgrips and large roller wheel Note: Not for use with Marking Tape Floor Applicator.base to ensure smooth,straight placement of tape To order, add color code (listed above) after part number. Not all colors are availableRoll tape onto smooth, clean, in reflective.dry surfaces Size No. Price / Roll Size No. Price / RollNote: Applicator will not workSolid Colors Stripe Colorswith peel-off liner tape. 2" x 15-ft. PTM801 $31.032" x 15-ft. PTM813 $37.63 2" x 30-ft. PTM802 57.22 2" x 30-ft. PTM814 68.603" x 15-ft. PTM805 46.54 3" x 15-ft. PTM815 56.34No. Price / EachHLT300 $244.28 Other widths, lengths, and patterns availablerefer to part number PTM855.Call to order.650 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'