b'Floor Marking ShapesVisible marking footprints, dots, and arrows mark directional traffic paths on floors, stairways, and walls. Use them to create lanes, aisles, and escape routes. Also ideal for marking potential hazard areas,color-coding, general identification, and other areas.Individually die-cut shapes made out of 2-mil vinyl Aggressive, permanent, self-adhesive back with peel-off liner Apply to clean, smooth, dry surfaceStandard Color Shapes2-mil self-adhesive vinyl with removable back liner.2" 2"PTS227 PTS218 To order, add color code after part number: RedRD, BlueBU, 3" 3" GreenGN, BlackBK, YellowYL, OrangeOR, WhiteWTPTS228 PTS2194" 4"PTS236 PTS225 Size Qty / UOM Price / UOM12" 2" 250 / Roll$33.96PTS248 3" 250 / Roll 42.034" 100 / Roll 34.666" 6" 5 Pair / Pkg. 23.36PTS247 12" 5 Pair / Pkg. 42.95Additional sizes and colors are available. Please contact us with part number PTS255 for availability other call for quoteGlow-in-the-Dark ShapesCreate visible and safe pathways in low-light and emergency blackout situations. Mark aisles, walls, escape routes, stairwells, and exit areas for directional safety Tape is \'energized\' by any light source - the longer exposure to light, the longer glow time Flexible 10-mil polyester with coated gloss surface and permanent acrylic adhesiveback with peel-off liner2" 2"PTS474 PTS4853" 3"PTS475 PTS486 Size Qty / UOM Price / UOM2" 50 / Roll$38.4412" 3" 50 / Roll 53.60PTS470 6" 1 Pair / Pkg.13.4812" 1 Pair / Pkg. 20.586" other call for quotePTS472Durable Marking ShapesThick, yet flexible, marking shapes adhere securely NEWto surfaces for long-lasting use in tough environments.Heavy-duty two-ply, 34-mil thick PVC construction Fade-resistant colors Aggressive, rubber-based adhesive back Installation temperature: 41F minimum, 59F recommended Service temperature range: -4 to 104F 3 1/2" diameter circle and 12" x 4" arrow are available eachTo order, add color code after part number: Shape Size No. Price / EachAdditional Durable Marking Shapes are availableYellowYL, RedRD, OrangeOR, WhiteWT,Circle 3 1/2" dia. PTE218 $2.03on our website. BlueBU, GreenGN, BlackBK Arrow 12" x 4", 2" stem PTE220 4.14651 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'