b'Skid-Gard Floor Tapes Meets ANSI/NFSI B101.1Create a high-traction surface to prevent slips, trips, and falls.Place anti-skid floor tape on walkways, ramps, loading docks, steps, and stairways to help maintain a safe-stepping workplace on wet or greasy floors. Tape has aggressive 60-grit aluminum oxide compound layer impregnated onto a thick PVC base OSHA 29 CFR 1910.24(f) Ensures safe-footing by providing good grip, wear resistance, weatherability, and water resistance under normal trafficStair treads. All treads conditions for both indoor and outdoor environments shall be reasonably slip- Installs quickly with high-tack acrylic adhesive back resistant and the nosings Easily peel off the back liner and adhere to almost any clean, smooth, dry surface. Maintains a waterproof sealresistingshall be of nonslip finish.sliding, buckling, wrinkling, and peeling.Black Floor Tapes Color Floor Tapes Walkway Step TapesMuted yellow appearance masks dirt and grime.60 Grit46 Grit60 GritSize No. Price / RollSolid Yellow1" x 60-ft. PTA101YL $37.092" x 60-ft. PTA102YL 71.65Size No. Price / Roll 4" x 60-ft. PTA104YL 143.271" x 60-ft. PTA101BK $34.66 Striped Black/Yellow2" x 60-ft. PTA102BK 68.26 2" x 60-ft. PTA212BKYL 76.203" x 60-ft. PTA103BK 90.90 4" x 60-ft. PTA215BKYL 138.95 Size No. Price / Roll4" x 60-ft. PTA104BK 123.76 Additional sizes and colors available.2" x 60-ft. PTA302 $72.636" x 60-ft. PTA106BK 185.74 Contact us for availability. 4" x 60-ft. PTA324 145.20Skid-Gard Floor Shape TapesSuper Skid-Gard Floor TapesGet a finished look to your anti-skid tapes in pre-cut shapes. 36-grit surface provides extreme traction for extreme conditions. Rounded corners to preventHeavy foot traffic and dirty work environments can clog up standard edges from lifting anti-skid grit tape with mud, snow, oil,Aggressive 60-grit aluminumdust, liquids, and grease.oxide compound layer fused onto Extra-course 36-grit textured surface a thick PVC baseIdeal for heavy debris areas bothPeel-off liner with high-tackindoors and outacrylic adhesive backResistance to water, hydrocarbon, Suitable for indoor and outdoorand other chemicalsenvironments, water-resistantAggressive, high-tack acrylicadhesive tapeWide Strip SquareApply to clean, dry surfaces, free of dirt and debrisCleat Cleat w/ Reflective YellowCleat w/ GlowStyle Size No. Price / EachSquare 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" PTA425 $2.14 Size No. Price / RollWide Strip 3" x 24" PTA423 4.77 2" x 50-ft. PTA227 $67.10Cleat 6" x 24" PTA426 8.04Cleat w/ Refl. Yellow 6" x 24" PTA611 19.98 4" x 50-ft. PTA228 134.19Cleat w/ Glow 6" x 24" PTA615 23.98 6" x 50-ft. PTA229 195.15653 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'