b'Parking Area Messageand Symbol StencilsUse repeatedly for easy permanent and uniform markings. Durable, precision cut, polyethylene plastic for crisp, uniform, accurately aligned markings Stencil will conform to various surfaces Roll stencil to flake off dried paint Use spray- or brush-on paint for placing FMS252 FMS258 messages on pavementEasy to cleanroll stencil to flake off dried paint. FMS243 FMS245 FMS2424" Tall Letters 8" Tall Letters 12" Tall LettersMessage Legend Lg. No. Price / Each Legend Lg. No. Price / Each Legend Lg. No. Price / EachCompact 45 3/4"FMS281 125.82 Fire Lane 27 5/16"FMS242 $98.3446 7/8"FMS282 125.8087"FMS212 163.10No Parking28 3/4"FMS243 98.3457 1/2"FMS283 125.8085 1/2"FMS213 163.10Reserved 24 7/8"FMS244 98.3448"FMS284 125.80Visitor19 3/4"FMS245 98.3437 3/4"FMS285 125.80 Item Size No. Price / EachArrow Kit34"H x 42"W straight + 48" x 48" turn FMS252 $203.31Handicap Symbol47"H x 34"W FMS258 154.85NY Accessible Symbol 47"H x 34"W FMS253 154.85 For Stencil Inks and Ground Paints, See Page 674.Individual Number and Letter StencilsCreate and arrange your own message with individual character stencils to mark areas and locations neatly, accurately, and consistently. Use spray- or brush-on paint for placing messages inside or outside Durable polyethylene plastic material Flexible stencil lays to conform to various surfaces, and provides crisp, accurate markings Easy to clean - roll stencil to flake off dried paintTo order individual number or letter, specify character after part number.Individual Number Sets (0-9) Letter Sets (A-Z)CharacterNo. Price / Each No. Price / Set No. Price / SetHeight4" FMS104 $15.76 FMS105 111.92 FMS106 259.348" FMS108 21.97 FMS109 164.38 FMS110 366.7612" FMS112 27.41 FMS113 205.68 FMS114 474.8024" FMS124 65.75 FMS125 476.45 FMS126 1012.0636" FMS136 98.57 FMS137 714.29 FMS138 1649.07671 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'