b'Floor Marking StencilsMark your facility legibly and consistently with easily recognizable symbols and messages. 20" x 20" design with 1.7" (or greater) high characters on 24" x 24" panel (except on 14" x 20" sizes) Durable, flexible polyethylene plastic withstands rough handling Size Price / Each Reusable, easy to clean 14" x 20" $60.97 Use with ink or paint to repeatedly convey the message and symbol 24" x 24" 98.1514" x 20"PMS23624" x 24"PMS20924" x 24"PMS225 24" x 24"PMS223 24" x 24"PMS20224" x 24"PMS214 24" x 24"PMS206 24" x 24"PMS208 24" x 24"PMS211 24" x 24"PMS205 24" x 24"PMS242Keep Area Clear StencilsIdentify floor and pathway areas that need to KEEP AREA CLEAR AT ALL TIMES. Mark locations consistently with stenciled hazard stripes and message designed to showaccess to the area that must be kept clear. 40" x 44" stencil produces 36" x 36" striped outlined clearance area and message with 3 3/8" letters Durable polyethylene plastic Price / Each Reusable $215.83 Easy to clean by rolling the flexible stencil to flake off dried, excess paint40" x 44"PMS300 40" x 44"PMS325 40" x 44"PMS309 For Stencil Inks and Ground Paints, See Page 674.Custom Floor Marking StencilsCustom stencils are available for any marking tasks with any message, design, and logos.Custom MessagesStencils are made from tough polyethylene material. Smaller CharactersTo receive a quote, refer to anyFor smaller, message-only part number from the table andQuantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote. stencils refer to part numberprovide your wording, idea, orSize No. FMS455. Made from .010" design, image, character sizes18" x 18" FMS655 mylar with characters(minimum height 1"), and24" x 24" FMS755 as small as 1/4" high.the quantity.36" x 36" FMS85540" x 44" FMS955other size FMS355672 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'