b'Marking WandsMarking Wands reduce finger fatigue and improve efficiency while applying inverted marking paints. Constructed of durable, rugged plastic and lightweight steel Hand Held Wand is 12" in length; Wheeler Wand is 34" in length Applies a uniform 1"- 1 1/2" width of paint Comfortable pistol grip for easy handling and markingEmbossed Aluminum CharactersHand Held Wand Provide attention-getting identification with these FMP303 embossed characters.Three-dimensional appearance Item No. Price / EachRoman style characters are .016" thick aluminumHand Held Wand FMP303 $52.97Smooth, raised surface with milled finish and holes for easy installationWheeler Wand FMP305 58.41Resistant to corrosion and abrasion and unaffected by temperature extremesWheeler Wand FMP305Also known as utility pole markersCharacter Height No. Price / EachTo order, add1 1/2" NHE115 $2.33Pavement Striping Paintcharacter after2" NHE120 2.45and Machine part number. 3" NHE130 3.03Striping paint spray nozzle design producesEmbossed Aluminum Character sharp, crisp lines when used in conjunctionwith the striping machine. Plates with Track Tag System Made of sturdy 18-gauge all-steel material Embossed aluminum character plates slide into an aluminum7" wheels for flat and bumpy surfaces track, evenly spaced for neat appearance. Crimp the track Handle-mount spray trigger and storageends to keep the plates in place. compartment for up to 12 paint cans Stripe widths of 2" to 4"1" characters are on 1.59" x .88" x .025" thick platesBlack character contrasts on yellow or orange backgroundHigh-gloss color paint finish will not fade, crack, warp, or rust Available in horizontal and vertical orientation Available individually or in packages of 100 like charactersTracks hold 3 to 12 character platesThree mounting holes on each end Can be secured with wire ties, fastening nails or screws, or double-adhesive tape (not included)To order, add number or letter character, then color code after part number. Black Characters. Background Color: YellowYL, OrangeORTrackStriping Machine Characters No. Price / EachFMP707 3 NHT103 $3.954 NHT104 4.155 NHT105 4.306 NHT106 4.46Color No. 7 NHT107 4.65Solvent-based paints 8 NHT108 4.73Highway WhiteFMP602 9 NHT109 4.96Highway YellowFMP604Handicap BlueFMP606 10 NHT110 5.19Fire Lane RedFMP608 11 NHT111 5.46Cover-up BlackFMP610 12 NHT112 5.65CharactersItem No. Price / Each Horizontal No. Vertical No. UOM Price / UOMStriping Paint See Table $16.24 NHT123 NHT145 Each $1.68Striping Machine FMP707 274.26 NHT126 NHT148 Pkg. of 100 128.73675 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'