b'Letter and Number Packs Bold 3 1/2" high black letters and numbersIndividually printed on white pressure-sensitive adhesive vinyl Available in packs of 50 of the same character or in kitsTo order, add letter or number character after the part number.Item No. Price / Pkg. of 50Individual Character NAK101 $27.91Kits - Includes 50 of each character.Item No. Price / KitLetter Kit (A - Z) NAK226 $544.25Number Kit (0 - 9) NAK110 223.29Magnetic CharactersFlat die-cut characters are easy to use, move, and reuse. Magnetic characters attach to any ferrous-metal surface - flat or curvedMark locations that need identification to be changed, removed, and then placed back Helvetica font, upper-case letters and numbersDie-cut magnetic co-polymer vinyl in various colors and sizesColors: WhiteWT, BlackBK, RedRD, BlueBULetter Set Number Set Individual CharactersLetter Set (A-Z; 1 each) To order, addNumber Set (0-9; 1 each) To order,To order, add letter/number then color color code after part number. add color code after part number. code after part number.Size No. Price / Set Size No. Price / Set Size No. Price / Pkg. of 52" NAM802 $87.50 2" NAM822 $36.32 2" NAM214 $19.153" NAM803 150.26 3" NAM823 61.00 3" NAM225 32.134" NAM804 181.65 4" NAM824 73.77 4" NAM236 38.826" NAM806 212.98 6" NAM826 86.54 6" NAM258 45.57Magnetic characters are available in other sizes and colors. To order, reference part number NAM555 and specify size, color, and quantity for a quote and delivery.IdentificationAvailable Plain orControl Caps With Characters*When ordering, add color code after part number: Brightly colored caps provide visibleBlackBK, BlueBU, GreenGN, OrangeOR, identification at a glance - even RedRD, WhiteWT, YellowYL.from a distance. Plain Use various colors and/or available numbers or letters for inventory control No. Price/ Each Can also be used as vehicle control caps PSC210 $17.92 3-sided durable polypropylene caps areWith Characters5"H x 10" diameter base Quantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote. 4 7/8"H x 6 1/4"W panel can displayItem No.4" characters ID Control Caps With Characters PSC212 Base has shielded magnet to secure onto metal surfaces * Specify letters and/or numbers in any combination or sequence up to three characters.678 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'