b'Underground Warning TapesUnderground warning tape warns of the utility line buried underneath it.Buried above the utility line, the entire length of the tape is marked with the line\'s identity. The non-adhesive tape will not degrade in alkalies and acids commonly found in soil. DOT 49CFR Sup-Standard Tape3" x 1000-ft. port G 192.321 (e)4-mil polyethylene tape is puncture resistant Plastic pipe that isTensile strength and stretch to alert job site personnel to stop digging immediately not encased must Detectable Tape3" x 1000-ft. have an electricallyPreventconductive wire or accidental 5.5-mil tape is detectable by pipe and cable detector for non-ferrous metal other means of locat- dig-ins thatSolid aluminized core is encased in polyethylene and polylaminate tape ing the pipe while itcould resultin costly Ideal for use over non-metallic pipes and cables is underground. utility line damage and Colors meet American Public Works Association (APWA) color code specifications for utility marking.interruptionof service. MESSAGE STANDARD TAPE NO. DETECTABLE TAPE NO.CAUTION BURIED ELECTRIC LINE BELOWPTD304PTD634 Item Size Price / RollCAUTION BURIED WATER LINE BELOWPTD311PTD641 Standard Tape 3" x 1000-ft. $64.13Detectable Tape 3" x 1000-ft. 209.47CAUTION BURIED FIBER OPTIC LINE BELOWPTD305PTD635CAUTION BURIED HIGH VOLTAGE LINE BELOWPTD307PTD637 Other legend-messages are available, as well as custom versions. Contact us with your requirements. CAUTION BURIED SEWER LINE BELOWPTD309PTD639 Refer to part number PTD555, specify message, CAUTION BURIED RECLAIMED WATER LINE BELOWPTD315PTD645 color combination, and quantity.Utility Pole WrapsProtect workers with visible Do Not Energize message.Quickly and temporarily mark utility poles where work is being performed. Call attention to hazard message with bold OSHA headers and colors.Constructed of flexible, reinforced poly sheeting that is durable for repeated useUtility Pole Wraps measure 18"H x 12"W Features finished edges with a metal grommet in each corner Price / Each Wrap pole using elastic stretch cords with hook ends (available separately)$23.51FMG100 FMG102 FMG104 FMG106Elastic Cords with Hook EndsFMG300 FMG302 FMG304 FMG306Overall Max. StretchNo. Price / EachLength Length12"21" HFH222 $7.49Custom Utility Pole Wraps 24" 43" HFH224 8.8036" 64" HFH226 10.67Customize with your message, logo, and design. Contact us with part number FMG555 for a quote. 48" 86" HFH228 12.47680 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'