b'ReflectorsAssorted reflectors ideal for permanent marking of restricted areas. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Visit our website for more reflector options.Reflectors Reflector ObjectEngineer-Grade Reflective aluminum with Markers TMDuck Armor protection Type 1 Type 1 Type 4 Measures 8"H x 3"W Includes 2 mounting TMholes FRW901 FRW903FRW905 Red White YellowOM1-1 OM1-2 OM4-1Round18" x 18"FRW918 18" x 18"FRW831 18" x 18"FRW916Reflectors Type 4 OM2-1 (V, H) Measures 3 1/4" diameter Durable plastic material FRW931 FRW936 FRW933 Available in amber, white, or red Red Amber White 6" x 15" FRW838Style Size Price / Each OM4-2 Size Price / EachReflectors 8" x 3" $11.39 6" x 15" $52.31Round Reflectors 3" 1/4 dia. 15.32 18" x 18"FRW836 18" x 18" 122.66Ground Stake ReflectorsMark and delineate entrances, driveways, pathways, and trails with these reflectors. Insert the 3/8" diameter twisted aircraft-grade aluminum rod into the ground to set in place. Rust-proof and ideal for outdoor use.Two-sided plastic reflector available in Blue, Orange, and Red colors Overall height is 48"To order, add color code after partStyle No. Price / Eachnumber: BlueBU, OrangeOR,3" diameter FRW963 $8.53RedRD.Pennant Flag TapesAttention-getting pennant flag tapes are an effective way to surround, block off, and warn of hazardous areas.Standard style has 9" x 12" red, polyethylene plastic pennant flags sewn onto durable cord (approx. 66" of lead cord on each end). Ideal for indoor and temporary outdoor applications. Heavy-Duty style has large 18" x 18", tough, tear-resistant 9-oz. vinyl laminated, fluorescent orange nylon pennant flags sewn onto high-tensile strength cord. Flags are 18" apart with 20-ft. of lead tape at each end. Ideal for extended No. of periods outdoors. Length Pennants Color No. Price / EachOSHA-Compliant style has 18" x 18" brightly colored fluorescent orange or yellow,Standard Styledurable flags sewn onto a heavy duty reinforced chord that exceeds OSHAs 500-lb.60-ft. 36 Red PTF360 $12.17tensile strength requirements for use in above ground construction areas, flat roofHeavy-Duty Stylejobs, and upper level construction. Meets OSHA 1926.502(f)(2)(iv) withstanding the83-ft. 15 Fluor. Orange MPBT015 89.37harshest conditions. 113-ft. 25 Fluor. Orange MPBT025 128.73OSHA-Compliant Style83-ft. 15 Fluor. Orange MPBT035 105.32113-ft. 25 Fluor. Orange MPBT045 154.17Custom printed message on standard style is available. Order PTF555, specify83-ft. 15 Yellow MPBT065 105.32word(s), pennant size, and length. 113-ft. 25 Yellow MPBT075 154.17681 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'