b'Flexible Marker Stakes Use for delineation alongside roadways, at end of pathways,and parking lot areas, as well as identifying buried utility lines.Stakes are flexible to withstand high wind loads and high-speed impacts. They will bounce back into placewhen hit or run over by a vehicle. All-weather stakes are UV-stabilized with color throughout, and will not rot, rust, or need painting.Note: Stakes are recommended to be 4-ft. above ground. 66" long stakes are to be driven 18" into the ground.49 CFR 192.707 (a) Buried Pipelines.a line marker must be placed and maintained as close as practical over each buried main and transmission line.( c) Pipelines above ground.Line markers must be placed and maintained along each section of a main and transmission line that is located above ground in an area that is accessible to the public.Flexible Marker Stakes are available in the following colors (use color code when ordering): WhiteWT, YellowYL, OrangeOR, GreenGN, BrownBR, BlueBU, RedRDFiberglass StakesHeavy-duty, fiberglass-reinforced composite stakes are nearly indestructible. Ten-times stronger than typical thermoplastic66" long x 3 3/4"W with 1/4" thick center and 3/8" thick ribbed edge design for structural rigidity Install by driving pointed end into the ground (recommended depth of 18 to 24 inches)To order, add color code after part number.Item No. Price / EachFiberglass Stake - See colors above FMK600$37.94Post Driver FMK900415.53Curve-Flex StakesUltra-flexible poly-composite plastic stake retains its shape from repeated impacts (over 50 hits at 45 mph). 66" long x 3 3/8" curved width x 3/32" thick Install with a steel drive clamp base that bends into the ground as an anchor (recommended depth of 18 inches) leaving 48" above groundTo order, add color code after part number.Item No. Price / EachCurve-Flex Stake - See colors above FMK700$36.77Post Driver FMK922 637.24Convex StakesResistant to an 80 mph collision and repeated impacts (up to 75 hits at 55 mph). Ground stakes are 66" long x 3 1/8" wide with 3 1/4" convex bulge on both sides along the center lengthAttached to a polymer hinge and barbed base assembly for added flexibility and ground stability (recommended depth of 18 inches) leaving 48" above groundTo order, add color code after part number. Ground StakeItem No. Price / EachConvex Ground Stake FMK800 $61.92Convex Pavement Stake (36" length) FMK100 58.19Post Driver FMK944 669.652-Part Epoxy* HFN606 65.01*For 3-4 stakes Convex Pavement Stake684 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'