b'Reflective Decals Easy identification prevents accidentally digginginto a buried utility line 14" x 3" Engineer-Grade Reflective decal, available on one or both sides of the stake Decal is also available separately for retrofit field installationHow to Order Decals only:If ordering decal only, specify by part numberbeneath decal color code. Item Price / Each RedOrangeYellowWhiteBlueBlack/YellowBlack/OrangeRed/WhiteOrange/White Reflective Decal only $10.58 Color Code: RD OR YL WT BU BKYL BKOR RDWT ORWTLabel Only No.: FMK200 FMK202 FMK204 FMK206 FMK208 FMK221 FMK223 FMK225 FMK227Utility Line-Marking Labels 14" x 3" printed Adhesive Dura-Vinyl label,available on one or both sides of the stake Space to add contact phone number on the bottom* Label is also available separately*When ordering Semi-Custom Label, pleasespecify phone number.How to Order Labels only:If ordering labels only, specify by partnumber beneath label color code. Item Price / EachUtility Line-Marking Label only $9.67Semi-Custom Utility 9.67Line-Marking Label onlyColor Code: A B C D E F G H J KStock Label Only No.: FMK320 FMK322 FMK324 FMK326 FMK328 FMK330 FMK332 FMK334 FMK336 FMK338Semi-Custom Label Only No.: FMK402 FMK404 FMK406 FMK408 FMK410 FMK412 FMK414 FMK416 FMK418 FMK420Flexible Marker Stakes are available in the following colors (use color code when ordering): WhiteWT, YellowYL, OrangeOR, GreenGN, BrownBR, BlueBU, RedRDHow to Order Stakes with Decals or Labels:Orange/White ORWTSelect Flexible Marker Stake style part number (below): Fiberglass Stake FMK611 Select Decal or Label color code: Yellow YL Select Stake color code: Add the Stake color code and Decal or Label color code: FMK611YLORWTFlexible Marker Stakes with Reflective Decals Flexible Marker Stakes with Utility Line-Marking LabelsStake w/Decal Decal - one side Decal - both sides Stake w/Label Label - one side Label - both sidesMaterial No. Price / Each No. Price / Each Material No. Price / Each No. Price / EachFiberglass Stake FMK611 $52.71 FMK613 61.66 Fiberglass Stake FMK617 $51.98 FMK619 60.15Curve-Flex Stake FMK729 50.63 FMK731 58.80Convex Ground Stake FMK834 80.36 FMK835 89.32 Convex Ground Stake FMK841 79.67 FMK843 87.81Convex Pavement Stake FMK867 76.04 FMK868 85.00Flexible Marker Stake with Custom LabelsFlexible Marker Stake with Semi-Custom Custom Adhesive Dura-Vinyl labels are available Utility Line-Marking Labels for the Flexible Marker Stakes. You can have your Provide us with your Company Name/Contact Name and Phone own message along with a symbol, logo, or design.Number in the semi-custom options below. We will print your Description No. information in black in the space provided on the label. Fiberglass Stake w/custom label FMK655 Quantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote.Curve-Flex Stake w/custom label FMK755 Material Label - one side Label - both sidesConvex Ground Stake w/custom label FMK855 No. No.Convex Pavement Stake w/custom label FMK865 Fiberglass Stake FMK625 FMK626Label Only XV555 Curve-Flex Stake FMK736 FMK737Convex Ground Stake FMK847 FMK848685 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'