b'GET VISUALGET18" x 24"18" x 24"18" x 24"20" x 32" PaperEST319 PaperEST184 PaperEST823 PaperEST825LaminatedPST319 LaminatedPST184 LaminatedPST823 LaminatedPST82518" x 24"18" x 24"18" x 24" PaperEST323 PaperEST156 PaperEST114LaminatedPST323 LaminatedPST156 LaminatedPST114EMERGENCY FIRST AIDSeek Medical Attention At Once - These Are Only Basic, Temporary MeasuresBLEEDING CPR CONSCIOUS CHOKING1.Apply firm pressure to wound with clean cloth.Symptoms: The person is unresponsive, notSymptoms: The person cannot cough, speak,2.If you cannot manually apply pressure, breathing, or not breathing normally (gasping). cry or breathe; is clutching the throat. firmly wrap elastic bandage over cloth to 1.Immediately call 911, or have someone1.Call 911, and get consent from the hold it in place. phone for help. choking person.3.Only if all other measures fail2.Perform chest compressions: Kneel beside2.Give 5 back blows: Stand slightly behind Use tourniquet with caution. the person, and place the heel of one hand onthe person. Place one arm diagonally across BROKEN BONES the sternum at the center of the chest. Placethe chest, and bend the person forward at the 1.Cover open wounds with dressing. the other hand on top of the first and interlacewaist. Use the heel of your free hand to2.Keep bones from movingyour fingers, keeping your arms and elbowsfirmly strike the person between the Do not try to straighten. straight with your shoulders directly aboveshoulder blades.3.If you must move the victim, splint theyour hands. Give 30 chest compressions, 3.Give 5 abdominal thrusts: Stand or kneelbone in the position found, and usepushing hard and fast at a rate of at least behind the person. Wrap your arms aroundpadding to cushion the injury. 100/min. Compression depth should be at the victim and place one hand in a closed fistleast 2 inches (5 cm). Allow complete recoil(thumb-side in) just slightly above naval. Grabof the chest wall between compressions. your fist with your other hand, and give quick,BURNS IMPORTANT: If you are a bystander and not aupward thrusts into the abdomen.1. Relieve pain by putting burn under trained rescuer, continue chest compressions 4.Continue sets of 5 back blows and 5cold running water. until an AED arrives and is ready for use; orabdominal thrusts until the person can cough 2. If necessary to cover minor burns EMS providers or other responders arrive. Ifor breathe or the object is forced out. use a clean, dry, sterile dressing.you are a trained rescuer, continue to step 3. POISON SHOCK 3.Clear the victims airway using the1.Do not administer anything by Symptoms: Irritability; altered consciousness;head-tilt/chin-lift technique. mouth to dilute the poison.nausea/vomiting; clammy, pale or cool skin;4.Give rescue breaths: Pinch the nose shut, 2.Immediately contact Emergency and make a complete seal over the personsMedical Services (EMS).rapid breathing and pulse; excessive thirst mouth. Give 2 rescue breaths, each breath3.Tell EMS what toxic substance 1.Immediately call for help lasting 1 second and making the chest visiblywas ingested and when. 2.Have the person lie down. rise. Continue the cycle by giving 30 Emergency Medical Service (EMS)3.Keep the person from gettingcompressions to 2 breaths until the person chilled or overheated. starts breathing, an AED is available, or EMS Telephone Number is: _____________4.Do not give him or her anythingpersonnel arrive. Source: American Heart Association and American to eat or drink. to be current and accurate. However, Accuform makes no warranty to that effect and is not liable for how this product is used. Users are responsible for deteRed Cross. Rview.2011., not comprehensive guidance, for how to respond in an emert Association and American Red Cross for comprehensive infogency. The information is believed rmining rmation.5.Reassure the person. Note: The information contained herein is intended to be an overthe products appropriateness for their respective applications. Please consult the American Hear18" x 24"18" x 24" PaperEST157 PaperEST221LaminatedPST157 LaminatedPST22124" x 18" PaperEST104LaminatedPST10418" x 24"18" x 24" PaperEST108 PaperEST113LaminatedPST108 LaminatedPST113TPM PRODUCTIVETOTALMAINTENANCEIS JUST PLAIN:S SAVE MONEY BYEQUIPMENT AND PRODUCTSMEETING COMPANY STANDARDSMANAGE A CLEAN 24" x 18" M PaperEST106AND ORGANIZED WORKPLACEAVOID PRODUCT, MATERIAL, LaminatedPST106 A AND TIME WASTE IN A RAPIDLYCHANGING ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENTR Price per EachREDUCE ACCIDENTS AND REPAIRST Size Paper Laminated TEAMWORK AND CONFIDENCE AMONG YOUR EMPLOYEES THROUGH TPM PROCESSES18" x 24"18" x 24"24" x 18" 26.98 37.71PaperEST399 PaperEST321 20" x 32" 36.43 47.16LaminatedPST399 LaminatedPST321699 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'