b'Safety Posters/KitsUnique, attention-grabbing safety communication featuring The Simpsons!Tap into this global phenomenon to capture employees attention and increase the effectiveness of your safety training and communication programs. The Simpsons show is: The longest running cartoon TV series of all time Translated into over 45 languages Shown in over 150 countriesGet your message across to all employees with: High-quality, professionally designed graphics that tell a story Instantly recognizable characters that grab attention and break through cultural and language barriers A solution that targets a critical at-risk safety demographic: young, inexperienced employees The Simpsons safety awareness posters are printed on high quality photo paper Black powder-coated, aluminum finished frames (sold separately), available to fit 22" x 17" postersOrder individual Simpsons 22" x 17" posters, or deploy a complete Simpsons kit. Safety Awareness through Focus and Education (SAFE) System Kit contains:1 Supervisors Team leaders use this convenient guideMeeting Outline to conduct memorable safety meetings.These cards cover strategies to prevent injury25 Meeting Cards with in a highly engaging way. Scratch-off quizzesScratch-off Quizzes are interactive and promote discussion anddocument attendance at meetings.Table Tents for These reinforce safety messages while2 breakrooms and cafeterias employees are relaxing and interactingwith each other during breaks.Safety Posters Draw attention to relevant safety messages3 (1) 22" x 17"in high-traffic areas such as employee entrances(2) 17" x 11" and time clocks. They promote ongoingreinforcement of important safety themes.PosterPST524 PosterPST527 PosterPST531 PosterPST532KitPSK224 KitPSK227 KitPSK231 KitPSK232706 signkore.com | 780.406.1888'