b'Commercial-Grade Floor MatsCommunicate important safety reminders and provide a cushioned area for employees to stand.Provide a comfortable standing surface and protect tools from breakage if dropped Clear .75-mil thick floor graphics vinyl with slip-resistant, textured surface Protective laminate-covered image Anti-fatigue foam back Size Price / Each Easy to clean 24" x 36" (2-ft. x 3-ft.) $214.04 Available in two sizes 36" x 60" (3-ft. x 5-ft.) 500.0924" x 36"PMM20524" x 36"PMM202 24" x 36"PMM203 36" x 60"PMM21636" x 60"PMM213 36" x 60"PMM214ON THE JOBWATER Custom Floor Mats1017 SHUT OFFBEGINS HERE 2 Customize mats with your design or company logo.ACCIDENTS ARE AVOIDABLE FIRE LANE To order, specify the following information:24" x 36"PMM204Write or sketch out your design, message, 36" x 60"PMM215 symbols, and/or logo Choose one of the standard sizes below,or specify your custom size requirements Specify quantityAUTHORIZED Contact us for a quote.PERSONNELONLY Custom mats come standardSize No.STEP INTO SAFETY with lightly textured surface.24" x 36" (2-ft.x3-ft.) PMM235Contact us for details. 36" x 60" (3-ft.x5-ft.) PMM24524" x 36"PMM208 other size PMM25536" x 60"PMM219 36" x 60"PMM222711 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'