b'PPIC-22 PPIC-23 PPIC-25 PPIC-32 PPIC-26 PPIC-27 PPIC-28 PPIC-29PPIC-35 PEQM-51 PEQM-53 PEQM-50 PPIC-46 PADM-43 PADM-44 PFSD-22PPIC-49 PSTF-14 PPIC-50 PPIC-47 PPIC-48 PPIC-45 PEQM-52 PPIC-43PPIC-44 PPIC-51 PPIC-53 PPIC-52 PEQM-61 PPIC-54 PDRN-01 PDRN-02ANSI Z535.3 Annex A2 Principles of effective safety symbolsThe function of a safety symbol is to communicate a particular safety message without the use of words. Three interrelated yet distinct principles are critical for effectively conveying intended meanings of safety symbols: consistency of visual PDRN-03 PDRN-04 PDRN-05 design, legibility, and comprehensibility.Customize Your Pictorials If you dont see what you have in mind in this selection, please contact us to design your specific symbol. Multiple pictorials can add more information to your sign to help keep the workplace safe.Symbols can be printed to match the colors of your sign or reversed out of a contrasting color. Just indicate the color desired when ordering your sign. Prefer Photos? More Color?.Photographic Icons!Convey your message clearly with eye-catching, full-color graphics.We have the ability to vividly print photo-quality images on your sign as well!720 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'