b'Signs, (cont) Hazardous Materials130145 Magnetic.497Eye Wash 201203 Hazards Smoking .242249 Magnetic Co-Poly Vinyl.49Face Protection216218 Head Protection224 Magnetic Visual Edge .241Facility.290291, 569570 Hearing Protection220223 Magnetic/MRI.251Fall Arrest231 Heavy-DutyEGPReflective Maintenance182Fall Protection .231Aluminum.40 Manhole Cover493FDC.197 High Voltage164167 MARSEC.311312Feedback Speed Limit.562 High-Intensity Prismatic. 39, 48, Max Aluma-Lite .44Fiberglass.77 551, 552, 557561, 565, Max Corrugated Plastic.36Field Entrance.679 568569, 572, 580581 Medical572Fire & Emergency184199 HMCIS.515, 524 Microwave250Fire Alarm186 Hoist 151,155 Military Fire Division 533Fire Division.533 Hospital572 Motivation238241Fire Door.185 Hot Work.138, 183 Motivational.238Fire Equipment 196 Housekeeping.206215 Motivational Visual Edge240241Fire Exit184185 Hygiene206215 Multi-Protection.232237Fire Extinguisher.192193 IMO Evacuation & First Aid310 Multi-Protection ChemicalFire Hose.196Fire Sprinkler196 IMO Safety .310Hazards.232237First Aid200205 Incident Management.572 Muster Point188189Flammable . .132133 Indoor Blinker LED600 NFPA Diamond . 515, 518519Flash Protection172173 IndustrialTraffic254261 NFPA Diamond Flip Placard.519Flip-Up Fold-Ups 659 Industrial Truck260261 Nip & Pinch Point.179Floor634645, 654660 Infectious Waste.142, 204 No Admittance.115FloorIdentification319 Information.193, 205 No Smoking.241249Fluorescent Alert.256 Injury Report205, 239 No Texting568Fluorescent Yellow-Green 562 International Maritime Non-Slip Floor.634643Fold-Ups591Organization (IMO).310 Object Marker.565Food214215 Intersection.559 Office .290291Food Safety.214215 ISO Safety306309 Operation Hazards176177Foot Protection231 Keep Clear259 OSHA Accident Prevention, def 72Foreign Object Damage (FOD).250 Ladder.157 Overhead High Voltage 171Forklift.260261 Lane Guidance 558559 Paddle.600601Galvanized Steel41 Laser251 Parking255, 566567, 571Gate.120 Lifting.239 Pavement-Print643General Construction150163 Lighted Exit.128 Pedestrian Crossing . 561563General Service572 Lite-Corr Plastic.36 Perma-Black Aluminum.43GHS 500 Litter212 Perma-Black Stainless Steel43Globally Harmonized System500 Load Capacity.259 Permit.146149Gloves.219, 237 Location .119 Personal ProtectiveGlow125126 Lockout/Tagout174175Equipment.183, 216224Glow-In-The-Dark76 Lumi-Glow. .314319 Personalize.2451Grounding171 Lumi-Glow Flex . 47, 76 Pesticide.145Guide .569, 572 Lumi-Glow Plastic 37, 76 PF-Poly Paper49Hand Protection219, 237 Lumi-Glow Plus+ Flex47 Photoluminescent.76Handicap Parking.571Hard Hat.224 Lumi-Glow Plus+ Plastic37 Photoluminescent.76, 125126Hazard Communication137 Luminous Exit.127 Pinch Point.179Hazardous Lumi-Shield33 Pipeline Warning.679 Communication 514516, Lunchroom.214215 Plastic.34, 74518519, 524 Machine Guarding180 Plastic Engraved.292294792 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'