b'PRACTICAL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This is the top 10 most 10 SOLUTIONS FORfrequently cited standards following inspections of OSHAS TOP 10worksites by federal SAFETY VIOLATIONS OSHA for Fiscal Year 2017 (Oct. 1, 2016, to Sept. 30, 2017)1 Fall Protection 6 Ladder SafetyProtect workers from seriousProhibit the unauthorized use injurieseven death withof ladders and motivate ladder safe work practices andVDIHW\\\x03PHWKRGV\x11VDIHW\\\x03LGHQWLFDWLRQ\x11 Ladder ShieldsPage 462BIGSignsPage 151Safety Signs & LabelsPage 2312 Hazard Communication 7 Powered Industrial TrucksDisclose chemical safety in theProtect employees against workplace with Haz-Com / GHShazards associated with UHTXLUHG\x03SURGXFWV\x11 IRUNOLIWV\x03\x12\x03OLIW\x03WUXFNV\x11\x03SDS BindersPage 507 LED Sign ProjectorPage 2823 Scaffolding 8 Machinery and GuardingEnsure jobsite equipment Safeguards help protectis safe and inspections are workers from preventable,XS\x10WR\x10GDWH\x11\x03 VHYHUH\x03ZRUNSODFH\x03LQMXULHV\x11Inspection Status Tags Bilingual Equipment Safety By-The-RollPage 396 Signs & LabelsPage 2654 Respiratory Protection 9 Fall ProtectionTraining Inform and motivate employeesReinforce on-the-job safety to use the proper personneland motivate employees SURWHFWLYH\x03HTXLSPHQW\x11\x03 RQ\x03DFFLGHQW\x03SUHYHQWLRQ\x11Respirator Signs & Labels Safety Training LabelPage 56Page 2325 Lockout / Tagout10 Electrical SafetyProtect employees by preventing theShield employees from DFFLGHQWDO\x03VWDUW\x10XS\x03RI\x03VHUYLFHG\x03HTXLSPHQW\x11\x03 exposure to dangers such as Lockout/Tagout Devices electric shock, electrocution,Nominal System Voltage: Required Level of PPE:UHV\x0f\x03DQG\x03H[SORVLRQV\x11 Incident Energy at 18 inches (cal/cm 2): 2):Page 445Arc Flash Boundary:PPE Minimum Arc Rating (cal/cmSite Specific PPE Level:Arc Flash Protection Signs &Equipment ID: Date of Assessment:Lockout Signs & LabelsPage 174 LabelsPage 172799All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'