b'LEGENDHEADER S/LPAGE NO. LEGENDHEADER S/LPAGE NO.Captain L 228 Chemical Storage (Bilingual-Spanish) DANGER S 130, 263Carbon Dioxide DANGER S 134 Chemical Storage (Glow) DANGER S 315Carbon Dioxide Gas Can Cause Injury Or DeathChemical Storage Area CAUTION L 137Ventilate The Area Before Entering. A HighWARNING S 193 Chemical Storage Area CAUTION S 130, 137Carbon Dioxide Gas Concentration Can OccurChemical Storage Area WARNING S 131In This Area And Can Cause Suffocation. Chemical Storage Area (Bilingual-Spanish) CAUTION L 263Carbon Dioxide Gas Can Cause Injury Or DeathChemical Storage Area Authorized Personnel Only CAUTION S 131When A Arm Operates, Do Not Enter UntilWARNING S 193Ventilated Chemical Storage Area Authorized Personnel Only DANGER S 130Carbon Dioxide Gas Can Cause Injury Or DeathWARNING S 193 Chemical Waste Storage Area CAUTION S 137, 204, When A Arm Operates, Vacate Immediately 274Carbon Dioxide Gas Can Cause Injury Or Death.Chief L 228Actuation Of This Device Causes CarbonWARNING S 193 Child Care Center (Symbol) S 189, 323Dioxide To Discharge. Before Actuating, Be SureChildren At Play SLOW S 254Personnel Are Clear Of The Area Chlorine CAUTION S 135Carbon Dioxide Non-Flammable Gas Warning KeepL 141 Chlorine DANGER L 135Away From Heat, Flame Or Sparks Chlorine DANGER S 134Carbon Monoxide DANGER S 134 Chlorine Avoid Inhalation And Skin Or Eye Contact Carbon Monoxide May Be Present CAUTION S 136 Inhalation Will Cause Shortness Of Breath And Carbon Monoxide May Be Present DANGER S 136 Nausea A NIOSH MSHA Approved ChemicalCAUTION S 135Cardboard Only S 212 Cartridge Type Escape Respirator Should Be Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons Is ProhibitedS 121 Carried At All Times When Handling ChlorineIn The Area Chlorine Gas DANGER S 134Caustic DANGER L 135 Chock Wheels Before Loading And Unloading WARNING S 258, 297Caustic DANGER S 134 Chock Wheels Before Loading Or Unloading DANGER S 258Caustic Acid DANGER S 134 Chock Your Wheels NOTICE S 258Caustic Soda DANGER S 134 Cierre Con Llave Los Manubrios Electricos AntesPELIGRO S 265Caustic Wear Protective Equipment DANGER S 232 De Trabajar En El EquipoCaution L 299 Clean Air Zone - No Smoking - No Vaping S 248Caution S 176 Clean Equipment After Use NOTICE S 206Caution Biohazard S 142, 204 Clean Up Spills BE CAREFUL S 207Caution Biohazardous Waste Storage AreaClean Up Spills SAFETY FIRST L 207Unauthorized Persons Keep Out (Bilingual- S 142 Clean Up Spills SAFETY FIRST S 207Spanish) Clean Up Spills Immediately NOTICE S 207Caution Lock Out Radiation Source Before Entering RADIATION S 174, 252 Clearance __ Ft __ In S 181Caution Radiation Area S 253 Clearance ___ Ft. S 181, 258Caution Radioactive Materials RADIATION S 252 Clearance ___ Ft. ___ In. CAUTION S 181, 258Caution Watch For Moving Vehicles S 285 Clearly Mark Prepared Food With The Date OfS 215Caution-Propane S 135 Preparation And The Use ByCE (Symbol) L 309 Climbing, Sitting, Walking Or Riding On Conveyor Cellular Phone Use Prohibited S 291 At Any Time Will Cause Severe Injury Or DeathDANGER L 178, 277Cellular Phones Prohibited NOTICE S 250 Keep OffCellular Phones Prohibited S 285 Close Clearance CAUTION S 258Certain Dental Procedures Performed In This OfficeClosed S 300, 301Can Expose You To Chemicals. S 145 Closed For Cleaning S 208Certified Crane Operator (Cross Symbol) L 225, 226 Closed For Maintenance S 208Certified Crane Operator (Symbol) L 225 Clothing And Equipment Contaminated With Certified Crane Signal Person L 226 Lead. May Damage Fertility Or The Unborn Certified First Aid L 225 Child. Causes Damage To The Central Nervous System. Do Not Eat, Drink Or Smoke WhenDANGER L 143Certified Forklift Driver (Symbol) L 225, 227 Handling. Do Not Remove Dust By Blowing Or Certified Forklift Operators Only NOTICE S 260 Shaking. Dispose Of Lead Contaminated Wash Certified Operators Only L 261 Water In Accordance With Applicable Local, Chain All Cylinders Securely NOTICE S 183 State, Or Federal Regulations.Chain Cylinders L 141 Combustible DANGER S 132Chain Drive Entanglement Hazard WARNING L 309 Combustible Diesel PELIGRO S 263Chain Drive Entanglement Hazard (Symbol) S 307 Combustible Dust WARNING S 133Check 360 Degrees Circle Of Safety L 257 Combustible Dust Area Explosion Hazard FromDANGER S 132Check Mirror For Traffic Before Proceeding CAUTION S 331 Heat, Sparks And FlameCheck Over Head CAUTION S 156 Combustible Dust Explosion Hazard DANGER S 132Check Respirator Before Entering Confined Space CAUTION L 148 Combustible Liquids DANGER S 132Chemical Goggles Must Be Worn Beyond ThisCombustible, No Smoking No Open Flame DANGER L 133, 247Point NOTICE S 131 Complies With All Local And State Laws - RX L 248Chemical Goggles Required S 218 Compressed Air DANGER L 141, 173Chemical Goggles Required In This Area CAUTION S 130, 217 Compressed Air CAUTION S 139Chemical Lines Overhead CAUTION S 131 Compressed Air DANGER S 139, 183Chemical Spills Must Be Reported NOTICE S 207 Compressed Air Lock Out Equipment BeforeWARNING S 139Chemical Storage DANGER S 130 Servicing83 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. 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