b'LEGENDHEADER S/LPAGE NO. LEGENDHEADER S/LPAGE NO.Emergency Information Center S 186 Empty Cylinders NOTICE S 139Emergency Kill Switch L 167 Empty Cylinders OXYGEN S 140Emergency Management L 228 Empty Cylinders S 140Emergency Medical Information . L 162, 230 Empty Cylinders Do Not Use S 140, 183Emergency Medical Technician L 226-228 Empty Cylinders Do Not Use (Bilingual-Spanish) S 140Emergency Phone (Glow) S 317 Empty Drum Storage Area S 137Emergency Response Team L 226 Empty Drums CLEAN S 137Emergency Shelter S 300, 317 Empty Drums Only NOTICE S 137Emergency Shower SAFETY FIRST S 201 Empty Nitrogen Cylinders Do Not Use S 140201, 202,Empty Oxygen Cylinders Do Not Use S 140Emergency Shower S 310, 318,Empty Propane Cylinders Do Not Use S 140329 EMS L 228Emergency Shower & Eye Wash FIRST AID S 202 EMS Command L 228Emergency Shower & Eye Wash S 202, 318 EMT Firefighter L 228Emergency Shower And Eye Wash S 201, 202 Energy Source L 175Emergency Shower And Eyewash (Bilingual- S 202, 267 Engines Must Be Turned Off During Loading And Spanish) Unloading NOTICE S 257Emergency Shower/Eyewash (Pictogram) S 202 Enter S 300Emergency Shut Down L 167 Entrance S 122Emergency Shutoff S 182, 198 Entrance (Left Arrow Symbol) S 122Emergency Shut-Off L 182 Entrance (Right Arrow Symbol) S 122Emergency Shut-Off NOTICE S 170 Entrance Only S 122, 123Emergency Shut-Off S 170, 198,Entry Team L 228326, 334 Equipment Locked Out Do Not Remove Locks DANGER L 175Emergency Shut-Off (Arrow Symbol) S 332 Equipment Locked Out Do Not Remove Locks DANGER S 174Emergency Shut-Off (Bilingual-Spanish) S 170, 265,Equipment Starts Automatically Can Cause Severe 266 Injury Keep Away WARNING L 178, 277170, 182,Escape Ladder (Glow) S 196, 317Emergency Shut-Off (Glow) S 198, 316, 320 Espacio Restingido Se Necesita Permiso DePELIGRO S 264Emergency Shut-Off Switch L 167 EntradaEmergency Shut-Off Switch S 170, 182 Estacion Para Lavar Los Ojos S 267Emergency Spill Response Equipment S 131 Este Equipo Arranca Automaticamente PELIGRO S 266Emergency Spill Response Equipment (Bilingual- Ethylene Oxide May Cause Cancer May Damage Spanish) S 207 Fertility Or The Unborn Child Respiratory Emergency Stop L 182 Protection And Protective Clothing May BeDANGER L 143Required In This Area Authorized Personnel Emergency Stop S 170, 310 OnlyEmergency Stop Button S 170, 182 Evacuation L 228Emergency Use Only S 182, 196 Evacuation Alarm S 186Employee Entrance Only NOTICE S 119 Evacuation Assembly Area S 187Employees Must Sanitize Hands Before ReturningS 213, 215 Evacuation Assembly Area No. ___ S 187To Work 188, 317, Employees Must Wash Hands Before Leaving ThisEvacuation Assembly Point S 323Room (Bilingual-Spanish) S 213, 269Every Injury However Slight Must Be ReportedNOTICE S 205, 239Employees Must Wash Hands Before ReturningNOTICE S 213, 291 ImmediatelyTo Work Every Injury, No Matter How Slight Should Be Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning ToReported To Your Supervisor SAFETY FIRST L 205, 239Work (Bilingual-Spanish) S 213, 291Everyone Grinding Must Wear Goggles SAFETY FIRST S 218Employees Only CAUTION S 119 Ex (Explosion Protection) L 309Employees Only NOTICE S 119 SMOKING 116, 119,Except In Designated Areas PROHIBITED S 243Employees Only S 291122, 123, Employees Only (Bilingual-Spanish) NOTICE S 262, 271 153, 286, Employees Only Beyond This Point NOTICE S 119 Exit S 287, 291, Employees Only Vendors And Visitors MustNOTICE S 119 300, 315, Register At Main Office 320, 322, Empty L 131 324Empty S 137, 140 Exit (Bilingual-Spanish) S 123, 262Empty Acetylene Cylinders Do Not Use S 140 Exit (Glow) S 123, 184, Empty CO 2Cylinders Do Not Use S 140 316Empty Cylinder S 140, 183 Exit (Glow/Red) S 122, 315, 324Empty Cylinder Do Not Use L 141 Exit (Left Arrow Symbol) S 123Empty Cylinder Storage Area S 140, 330 122, 315, Empty Cylinders ACETYLENE S 140 Exit (Red/Glow) S 320Empty Cylinders ARGON S 140 Exit (Right Arrow Symbol) S 123Empty Cylinders MEDICAL S 140 Exit Arrow Diagonal Down Left S 32089 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'