b'LEGENDHEADER S/LPAGE NO. LEGENDHEADER S/LPAGE NO.Lockout Here (Bilingual-Spanish) L 175, 265 Main Sprinkler Valve S 196Lockout In De-Energized State L 308 Main Water Shut-Off S 198Lockout In De-Energized State (Symbol) S 306 Maintain 3 Point Contact When Getting On And OffL 261Lockout Point L 175 A Trailer/TankerLockout Safety Center S 331 Maintain 3 Point Contact When Getting On And OffL 261174, 331,Forklift TruckLockout Station S 335 Maintain 3 Point Contact When Getting On And Off Lockout Switches Before Working On Equipment CAUTION S 174 Forklift Truck Make Sure Your Forklift Has GoodL 261Lock-Out Tag-Out Trained L 226 Footing, Anti-Slip Surfaces And Grab Handles Lockout/Tagout All Power Sources DANGER L 175 Maintain 3-Point Contact CAUTION L 261Lockout/Tagout Before Set-Up, Maintenance,Maintain 3-Point Contact When Getting On Or OffCAUTION L 261Service Or Repair DANGER L 175 ForkliftLockout/Tagout Before Set-Up, Maintenance,Maintenance S 293Service Or Repair DANGER S 174 Maintenance On This Equipment Requires Lockout/ DANGER L 175Long Arrow L 119 TagoutLook Our For Forklifts STOP S 260 Maintenance Personnel Only NOTICE S 119Look Out For Cars DANGER S 254 Make A Goal No Accidents S 241Look Out For Construction Traffic CAUTION S 154, 312 Make A Play For Safety S 241Look Out For Forklift CAUTION S 261 Make Every Move A Safe One THINK S 238Look Out For Forklift Traffic STOP S 260 Make Sure All Confined Space Instructions AreCAUTION S 148FollowedLook Out For Forklifts WARNING S 260, 279 Make Sure That Wheel Chocks Are Removed And Look Out For Forklifts CAUTION S 260 Stowed CAUTION S 258Look Out For Forklifts DANGER S 260 Make Time For Safety L 226Look Out For Forklifts (Bilingual-Spanish) DANGER S 270 Make Time For Safety S 239Look Out For Forklifts (Bilingual-Spanish) CAUTION S 261, 270 Make Your Work Place Safe Before Starting TheSAFETY FIRST S 238Look Out For Forklifts (Symbol) WARNING S 260, 273 JobLook Out For Lift Trucks DANGER S 260 Man Pictorial S 293Look Out For Lift Trucks (Bilingual-Spanish) DANGER S 270 Many Food And Beverage Cans Have LiningsS 145Look Up & Live - Keep Clear Of All OverheadS 165 Containing Bisphenol A (BPA)Electrical Hazards MARSEC Security Notice . 24X36 Sign IncludesS 311Look Up & Live! High Voltage Lines Overhead S 166 3 Magnetic Inserts 9X18Look Up Power Lines Overhead CAUTION S 171 Maximum Capacity S 259Look Work Safely L 227 Maximum Load___ Lbs. CAUTION S 259Los Empleados Deben Lavarse Las Manos AntesL 269 Meat Wash Only S 215De Irse De Este Cuarto Medical L 228Low Clearance DANGER S 181, 258 Medical Cannabis L 248Low Clearance S 181, 258 Medical Cannabis (With Gram Weight Indication) L 248Low Clearance CAUTION S 152, 258,Medical Cannabis Dispensary S 248301 Medical Marijuana Dispensary S 248Low Clearance (Bilingual-Spanish) DANGER S 270 Medical Officer L 228Low Clearance Be Alert CAUTION L 178, 277 Meeting Room Occupied/Vacant S 290Low Headroom WARNING S 181, 258 Member Accident Prevention L 226Low Headroom CAUTION S 181, 258 Member Fire Brigade L 228Low Headroom (Bilingual-Spanish) CAUTION S 265 213, 286, Low Overhead Clearance CAUTION S 181, 258 Men S 287, 293, Low Overhead Clearance (Bilingual-Spanish) CAUTION S 266 331, 332Low Pressure Manifold Do Not Connect High- Men (Bilingual-Spanish) S 269Pressure Cylinders Maximum Pressure - 250CAUTION S 139 Men Working CAUTION S 154, 176PSIG (1.7MPa) Men Working DANGER S 154Low Temperature Hazard WARNING L 309 Men Working WARNING S 154Low Temperature Hazard (Symbol) S 307 Men Working Above WARNING S 156, 181Lower Forks When Not In Use L 261 Men Working Above CAUTION S 156, 181Low-Pressure Manifold Do Not Connect HighMen Working Above DANGER S 151, 156, Pressure Cylinders Maximum Pressure -250S 140 181PSIG (1.7MPa) Men Working Above (Bilingual-Spanish) DANGER S 156, 181LP Gas Storage No Smoking Or Open FlamesDANGER S 136, 246 Men Working Above (Symbol) DANGER S 181, 272Within 50 Ft. Men Working Above Hard Hats Required DANGER S 156Lunch Room S 293 Men Working Below DANGER S 156, 181M Men Working Below WARNING S 156, 181M (Middle Conductor D.C.) L 309 Men Working Below (Bilingual-Spanish) DANGER S 156, 264Magnetic Field In Place WARNING S 251 Mexican Flag L 230Main Disconnect L 168 Microbial Hazard Keep Out Authorized Personnel Main Electric Shut-Off CAUTION L 167 Only Respirators And Protective Clothing AreDANGER S 143Main Electric Shut-Off CAUTION S 170 Required In This AreaMain Gas Shut-Off NOTICE S 133 Microwave Hazard In This Area NOTICE S 27999 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'