Sign Companies Edmonton

Artwork Guidelines

Accepted File Formats

When providing us with your artwork we ask you send us the proper file format.

Flexi Sign Pro

versionĀ 11 and lower, PC format. Convert all fonts to outlines. Please convert all strokes to outlines before sending FlexiPro files.


Adobe Illustrator files from PC format. Convert all fonts to outlines. Please outline any and all strokes before sending Adobe Illustrator files.


Most design applications will allow files to be exported or saved as EPS files. If possible in the program you are using, convert the fonts to curves/outlines. If you are using outlines/strokes in your artwork, please have them converted to shapes prior to exporting them from the program you are using to create the EPS file. If you have the option of saving as a PC/IBM or Mac file, choose PC/IBM.


Adobe PDF Files

Be sure to check the “Embed Fonts” box when saving the PDF file.


Adobe Photoshop files from PC format. Be sure to embed all artwork and rasterize fonts used in the file.


CorelDRAW files from version 14 and lower, PC format. Convert all fonts to curves. If you have used outlines on your artwork, either convert the outlines to curves or be sure the outlines scale with the image.


TIFF Images are bitmap files (tiny colored squares that make up an image) that are meant for printing purposes. These files are preferable over .jpg files.


JPEG Images are bitmap files that is most often used on webpages. These images are usually quite small and may not be suitable for printing purposes. Provide us with this type of file if no other is available, and we will determine if it can be used or not.